Where to play live poker in Madrid

Where to Play Poker in Madrid

Poker is somewhat popular in Madrid, and there are a couple of good casinos. Here is a guide on where to go and how to prepare if you want to play live poker.

There is very limited information online about casinos with poker in Madrid. So to make things clear, we are doing this guide. Feel free to write in the comment section in the bottom, if you have any questions regarding the topic.

3 nice casinos in Madrid

There are 3 nice casinos with poker in Madrid:

  • Casino Gran Vía
  • Casino Gran Madrid in Torrelodones
  • Gran Casino Aranjuez

Casino Gran Vía is right in the centre, and it’s an option many travelers go for. However, Casino Gran Madrid usually has the best tables, the most action, and a high amount of fish. Meanwhile, Gran Casino Aranjuez is arguably the nicest of them all, when taking facilities and service into consideration.

Let’s take a look at each of these casinos and how to get there.

Casino Gran Vía

Right in the middle of the city, located in Gran Vía. There is no specific dress code, and it’s a place that many tourists like to visit.

The poker tables start running at 2 pm. Lowest buy-in is 50 euros at the NLHE 1/2 tables. You will find tables with higher stakes as well, and there are also Pot Limit Omaha options during the nights.

The casino primarily has cash games, but you will find tournaments sometimes as well.

It’s incredibly easy to get there since it is right in the middle of Madrid. If you want to be close, check our hotel recommendations, where our top choice is Hotel Emperador (also located on Gran Vía).

Casino Gran Madrid

Located in Torrelodones, a town northwest of Madrid. A bit far away from the centre of the city, but definitely worth visiting. Tables start running at 4 pm, but the real action begins at 7. There are several NLHE cash tables, sometimes PLO tables, and several tournaments weekly.

The difficult part is getting there, as you have to invest at least 30 minutes each way.

Go by car on the A6 highway and take the exit a bit before Torrelodones.

There are no direct trains, although you can take the Renfe Cercanías line to Torrelodones and take a bus from there.

You will find buses that depart from Príncipe Pío if you intend to go to the casino. But the best option is to rent a car and drive there.

Gran Casino Aranjuez

A very nice casino that is a favorite among many locals. It’s a beautiful place, and there are cash games every day, along with a nice variety of tournaments. If you are into other games, you will also find plenty of options.

Like the casino in Torrelodones, it’s a bit far away, but still within the Madrid region.

Drive 40 minutes directly south and you will arrive there. You can also take a train to Aranjuez, and then catch a bus on to the casino (the casino is not actually in the town of Aranjuez, but rather a small bit north).

Skill level of the players

Most poker games in Madrid are medium-to-soft in difficulty.

The competition can at times be solid, although most players are mediocre. The level is usually highest at the Aranjuez casino, while the softest tables are in Gran Vía and Torrelodones.

Most people like to call a lot, which is nice if you have the TAG playing style.

Overall, the skill level is similar to the softest poker tables online, so it is definitely possible to make some money here. But of course, you will also meet sharp players, so pay attention at the table anyway.

It’s useful to speak Spanish

Most conversations around the poker tables are in Spanish. Especially in Aranjuez and in Torrelodones. In Gran Vía, table conversations sometimes happen in English, although it’s a bit varied.

When talking to the dealer or to other workers at the casino, it is very useful to know a bit of Spanish. You can certainly play even though you don’t speak it, but it is an advantage to know a bit.

A fun fact is that the poker tables run a bit different than normal – the order is against the clock, which you might have to get used to at your first game.

If you have any comments regarding poker in Madrid, let us know below. Questions are very welcome.

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