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Welcome to Our Page!

On this page the following points will be:

  • How to travel to Spain and what to do:  The main topic of our site.
  • Sightseeing in Spain. From the biggest metropolises such as majestous Madrid or vibrant and modern Barcelona, or other smaller, but not less, cities like Toledo which is sometimes called the city of the three cultures, Segovia with its aqueduct and old town which both are World UNESCO heritage sites or Granada and its moorish past, to typical tourist resorts where sun and beach can both be enjoyed in summer season.
  • Madrid, the majestous capital of the Kingdom of Spain. We thought creating a section about Madrid was more than necessary, being the capital of Spain entails many important things from a cultural, political, historical and social perspective. Within this section the following will be:
  • Sights in Madrid
  • Best restaurants and gastronomy in Madrid
  • Madrid metro guide
  • Madrid airport guide
  • Madrid nightlife
  • A bit about “ la sociedad Madrileña “ (Madrid society). This means, how the inhabitants of Madrid are, how this influences the rest of Spain, differences among the different capitals within the EU.
  • A bit of history
  • Tips for Madrid

Aside from Madrid:

  • When is the best time to visit Spain. Spain is well known for its great weather throughout the year, which is true to a great degree. But despite not being a big a country in size, there are many and different climates, so depending on what you are looking for we could recommend to come in summer, spring or even during certain times of the year such as Christmas, Easter, or just to stay a few days in case, say, you want to attend a event. In this section more than beaches, sun and other typical tourist stuff that come to people’s mind when thinking of Spain will be offered. The goal is to show anything Spain can offer.
  • Events and traditions. For those who are really willing to know the real Spain, here we will talk about traditions and events that take place every year in this country.
  • Travelling around Spain. This is also dedicated for who are interested in knowing and exploring Spain in-depth. From simple pieces of information of small day trips to package tours around Spain.

Only some sections have been mentioned here, since this is just an orientative introduction so you guys can get an idea what this website will be about. Don’t forget to ask anything you would like to know, ideas and suggestions are more than welcome. The comment section is always open, and you can also contact us privately if you’d like!

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