Weather in Madrid

Weather in Madrid: Overview of All Months

Spain is often perceived as having amazing weather for most of the year. And that is also true, at least for some regions. In other provinces and cities, such as Madrid, the weather can change a lot from month to month. And since the weather is an important factor in planning a vacation, we have decided to make this article about the weather in Madrid.

Spring in Madrid

Spring might be the best time to visit Madrid. The weather is great, but without being too hot. It can rain here and there, but not so much that it becomes annoying.

Temperatures will usually be between 15 and 30 degrees, and normally somewhere right in between that. The spring months are considered to be from March to the beginning of June.

There is plenty of life in Madrid in the spring. The locals are still there, and businesses are all open. There are travelers visiting the city too, although fewer than in the summer and early autumn.

Overall, spring is an amazing time to visit, and Madrid is particularly appealing during this time of the year!

Summer in Madrid

The issue with summer in Madrid is that it gets way too hot and dry.

The temperatures can easily go up to 40 degrees, so a hotel with air condition is needed. You also need to drink plenty of water if you decide to visit Madrid in the summer. Temperatures are similar to the south of Spain, but with less humidity, and that is what makes it worse. Madrid will be hotter than northern Spain during the summer, and often hotter than the main part of the east coast too.

It’s very normal that the locals leave Madrid during the summer. They go on a long vacation to another part of Spain, usually by the coast or to the north. There will still be plenty of locals, but fewer than in the other seasons. Most big stores will still be open, although some privately owned stores may be closed during summertime.

However, while you don’t get the full taste of Madrid because so much of the local population leaves for vacation, this has an important advantage too: The streets are less crowded, and so is the metro and the buses.

There are plenty of tourism in Madrid in the summer, but not as much as in Barcelona, for example.

Autumn in Madrid

The weather in Madrid is quite alright in autumn. Many consider it better than the summer because it remains sunny for a lot of the time, but with a more bearable temperature.

September is still considered summer in Madrid – at least the first part of the month. The second part of September is still better than the summer of many other European countries, with temperatures often above 25 degrees by the end of the ninth month.

Even later, October is quite wonderful when you compare it to the weather in other major European cities. It can rain at times, but for the most part, the sun rises over Madrid on most days, with few clouds, and with temperatures that can often be around 15-20 and sometimes a tiny bit more. This kind of weather is enjoyable: Not too cold, and not too hot.

In the early part of November, the weather in Madrid remains enjoyable, but something happens in the middle of the month, and the nights start to turn cold. The leaves fall down and you probably begin to need a jacket to be outside. November will have very fresh winds, but the sun goes down quicker. Tourism will be fairly low during this time of the year, which equals good prices, if you intend to visit at the end of autumn.

Winter in Madrid

The winter can, at times, be very cold. The night temperatures often go below zero, so make sure your hotel or apartment has a heater, or at least hot air condition for the nighttime.

The days can be pleasant, however. The amount of rain is usually not very high, and snow is a somewhat rare occurance. It can happen, but it’s unlikely. Instead, most days will be between 5 and 15 degrees with sun. On the great days, it is around the 13-16 range, which is very good compared to the rest of Europe. December, which is the first part of the winter, is usually just like an extension of autumn. In January, it can get a little more cold, but in February, things may start to improve again. You will see hints of spring, and the temperature can be quite good at the end of February.

Often the winter in Madrid is considered the worst time to be there weather-wise, but it is still very nice because of other factors. For example with the nice Christmas markets and decorations all over the city.

The weather in Madrid is not the only factor – but it is worth looking into before planning your trip!

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