Valencian Community Travel Guide

Valencian Community: Basic Travel Tips

This is going to be a short introduction about the autonomous community of La Comunidad Valenciana (the Valencian Community), which is divided into 3 provinces: Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.

It’s situated in the Eastern part of Spain; in the area of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s well known among many people from all around Europe, but also for people from other parts of the world because it has wonderful beaches and probably as one of their favorite tourist destination in the summer.

After having told you this, the first thoughts that may come to your head are probably beaches, hot temperatures, parties (summer + holidays = party), general fun, among other things.

Several things to offer

But the truth is that this autonomous community has a lot more to offer. To make it clear what this area has to offer, we will look into things such as:

  • Culture
  • History
  • Nature
  • Sightseeing
  • Leisure

As far as the culture of this autonomous community is concerned, we will not tell much about it in this article since we will provide lots of information about each of the provinces that form this great region. You will also get plenty of knowledge about the individual cities, such as Valencia.

Language and culture

There are two official languages spoken in this region, being Spanish or Castilian as the main one, since it is spoken in all the region – the second is Valencian.

Many people and even some experts consider it to be a dialect. But it is actually a language, which is official in many parts of this region. This means that a lot of people in the community are bilingual: Spanish and Valenciano, although not everyone speaks Valenciano in la Comunidad Valenciana.

Other aspects to be taken into consideration in the Valencian culture are gastronomy, festivities and local celebrations, identity signs of the autonomous community, sports, among other things. They all will be dealt with in the following articles.

History has a great impact on our current cultures, but since the history of la Comunidad Valencia is so interesting we think it is better to address it individually. All the information about history will come soon… you can’t miss it!

Although most people don’t have an idea about what can be seen in la Comunidad Valenciana, besides the main cities, the typical tourist spots and some known towns, you should consider exploring some of the nature there if you decided to visit this area of the Iberian Peninsula.

It will not let you down at all: In fact, it will probably surprise you. Wherever you go in this region, you will find palm trees, palms everywhere! This is because of the characteristic climate la Comunidad Valenciana has.

So even if you are not near the sea, you will feel that summer atmosphere. This actually is a plus, especially for the main cities: unique architecture and monuments + summer/holiday environment. A perfect mix.

Soon we will talk about nature in the Valencian community, but you will be surprised because there is a lot of diversity in this regard.

As far as sightseeing is concerned, what predominates are the beaches and the main cities of this region, as we mentioned before. But there are many small towns and places that are really worth visiting, also many natural spots of which we will talk about.

Finally, we have leisure, which will be dealt with soon too.

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