Hotels in Gijón - Where to Stay in Gijón

Hotels in Gijón – Where to Stay in Gijón

Going to Gijón? If so, you have made a great choice. This coastal city has a lot to offer and leaves almost all visitors with great impressions. However, to enjoy the city properly, you’ll need a nice place to stay. Here’s a guide to the best hotels in Gijón –...

Sights and attractions in Gijón

Sights & Attractions in Gijón – Things to Do

Gijón is a interesting city with a history that spans over 2,500 years. When going on a trip there, you should have plenty of great things to do. To give you a bit of inspiration, here’s a guide to the best sights and attractions in Gijón! Below you will find a list of all the best...

Gijón travel guide

Gijón Travel Guide

Gijón is a beautiful city in northern Spain. Located right by the Bay of Biscay, it is the largest city of Asturias, and it offers plenty of activities to everyone stopping by. Gijón is particularly famous for its great seafood restaurants and for its old history, dating back to pre-Roman...

El Planeta Gijón

Best Restaurants in Gijón

If you love seafood, you will love eating out in Gijón. The city is famous for its many restaurants that serve fresh fish, cooked in the best ways possible. Furthermore, it is quite affordable to eat out here. So let’s get into it – a guide to the best restaurants in Gijón!