Curious about the magical city of Barcelona? Then read our articles here and get the perfect overview. You will learn about all the best attractions, where to stay in the city, and how to get to and from one of the Barcelona airports. It is the most popular Spanish city among foreign travelers, and we can easily see why: Barcelona is such an amazing and historic city with so many things to do that you simply never grow tired of it.

Barcelona travel guide

Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the most visited city in Spain. It is considered to be one of the absolute best travel destinations in all of Europe – a high adventure city with plenty of things to do. This is our Barcelona travel guide, where we are looking into...

Largest cities in Spain

Largest Cities in Spain

Curious about the largest cities in Spain? In this article we are looking at the most populous metropolitan areas of Spain. It’s good if you want to get an overview of how populated the cities are compared to each other. It might help you decide where to go on vacation, or where to...