The best shopping malls in Madrid - Principe Pio

The Best Shopping Malls in Madrid

There are plenty of great malls in Madrid, although some of them are well hidden from tourists. Most of them are located outside of the city centre, which is very typical for southern Europe, but even with public transport, it is quite simple to get there.

In this article, we are looking at the best shopping malls in Madrid.

Centro Comercial Príncipe Pío

The best shopping malls in Madrid - Principe Pio

This is the most central one. Connected with the major station Príncipe Pío, and just a bit west of the main city centre, it is never hard to get to this mall. You can probably walk there if you are staying somewhat central, although you can also just take the metro, a bus or a train to get there. Many options!

Centro Comercial Príncipe Pío is large, but not overwhelming. It has a solid variety of stores and restaurants.

When it comes to stores, it has Zara, Mango, FootLocker, and much more. There are several cosmetic shops, sports stores, clothing departments, and so on.

It also has a cinema and a supermarket.

The restaurants vary a lot – you find everything from fast food (Burger King and McDonald’s) to kebab, Mexican food, empanadas, much more. You can also go to a great Colombian coffee place, and we are only just touching the surface.

Metro lines 6 and 10 go to Príncipe Pío. Along with that, there is a direct line between this place and Ópera. Countless buses also stop in Príncipe Pío, and there are two Renfe Cercanías lines.

It’s the best shopping mall in the central part of Madrid. Highly popular, especially among young people.

ABC Serrano

A relatively small shopping mall, the second one in the centre. It is located in Salamanca, very near to the Rubén Darío metro stop.

ABC Serrano only has a handful of stores, but they are quite good. Most of the mall consists of the huge two-floor Mercadona supermarket. But there are also clothing stores, cafés, a juice shop and much more.

Moda Shopping

The last of the main central malls in Madrid.

This one is located close to Nuevos Ministerios. It has two floors, most of which are clothing stores. Prices are expensive, but the quality is nice.

Moda Shopping is generally more popular among women than it is among men. This is due to the high amount of female fashion stores.

This shopping mall is quite easy to find. And we absolutely recommend going there, if you are already close, and if shopping is one of your main priorities in Madrid.

But – this is not the largest mall by any means, and although it’s nice and has high quality products, you will not be able to find everything here.

La Gavia

A very large shopping mall located in the southeast – Vallecas to be more precise. It is one of the largest malls in southern Europe. The opening hours of the stores are usually from 10 in the morning to 10 at night. Restaurants are open slightly longer, but might also open later than 10 in the morning.

La Gavia is a major mall in Madrid because of the nice variety of stores. It has an IKEA inside – it also has Zara, Fnac, Primark and more.

The closest metro line is Las Suertas. You can also take the bus – lines 142 and 145 drive there.

Centro Comercial Parquesur is a solid alternative to La Gavia. It is also one of the largest in Spain and southern Europe and has a lot of different stores. It is located south of Madrid’s centre, closer to Leganés actually. You can take one of the Renfe cercanía trains from Atocha and get off at Zarzaquemada, and from there it’s only a short walk.

Madrid Xanadú

Perhaps the best of them all. It’s a bit more far away, but it has so much entertainment that you can easily spend an entire day. Go there by bus (take it from Príncipe Pío station) or by car, since it’s far away. There are no metro lines that come close to Xanadú.

Aside from a huge amount of stores, it also has many restaurants, a cinema, minigolf, bowling and indoor skiing.

Certainly worth a one day trip if you are into shopping and entertainment. It is a very well decorated mall and definitely worth the experience.

Like most other shopping malls in Madrid, it is open from 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening. Well, that is the opening hours of the stores – the entertainment facilities and restaurants are usually open until 1 am on the weekdays and 3 am on the weekends.


These are the best malls in Madrid. There are a bit more, and we might add those into the article later. Some honorable mentions are Plenilúnio (almost 200 different stores), Plaza Norte (well decorated and plenty of things to do) and La Vaguada (good restaurants, many shopping choices, great reviews from the visitors and not far from Chamartín).

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