A Guide to the Province of Murcia

Murcia is also the name for the autonomous community where this province is situated. The same holds for the capital city of this autonomous community as it was mentioned in the previous article.

The same happens with the autonomous community of Madrid, whose province and capital city are called Madrid.

Since there are 17 autonomous communities in Spain and this just happens with two of them it seems too much of a coincidence, don’t you think so? If there is a reason that explains this, you will probably find out!

Tourism in the Spanish Mediterranean

There’s so much to be done in this small piece of “La España mediterránea“ (mediterrenean part of Spain), so here we will just focus on tourism. For better or worse, beaches cover most of the sightseeing in this province, and the majority of the people go to the beaches in the summer and for leisure purposes rather than cultural ones.

On one hand, this means many people do not have much knowledge about this province in most aspects, but on the other hand it can be good  since, as banal as it may sound, leisure, enjoyment and diversión are essential in our lives after all!

Oddly enough though, the number of international tourists is far from being as high as it is in other areas of Spain where there’s sea as well. This is because they don’t know the wonders of this province, when it comes to beaches. The water in these beaches is neither too hot nor cold which sounds like a perfect temperature to have a bath when the sun is shining at its fullest in august, doesn’t it?

Weather in the Murcia region

As for the average temperature, this is very stable and it’s around 22 and 26 celsius degrees. This is a very comfortable temperature, plus it feels so good and fresh after a few minutes in the water. The number of sunshine hours is very high too, the sun begins coming out by 6-6.30 in the morning and the sun starts to set by 19:30 but it remains out until 22:00.

For those who don’t like very high temperaturas but prefer to have a bath or go for a walk at the shore when the sun is not so strong they can go to the beach by 18:30 or even later (19:00/19:30) as they will be able to enjoy the beach for three more hours. Besides, this the best time to have a bath because the temperature is less cold than it is in the morning but still it will not be too hot to enjoy it.

Some of the people that spend their holidays, or part of them, at these beaches, they take some of their time to take photos. Especially sunsets, but also photographs during the day because many of the beaches in this region are incredible looking.

Some of the tourists go back crying, and it is not precisely because their time there did not meet their expectations… but all the opposite! In fact there is a saying well known in Murcia: “¡Llorando me vine y llorando me voy!!!!!” (I came here crying and crying I go).

In reality, this saying is applied in all the autonomous community of Murcia. Here we show you some of the sights you can have in just some of the beaches, in the inlets and protected natural landscapes (both in the sea and in general) there are in Murcia, which are plentiful in this area:

These are just some of the views you can have in the Mediterranean!

Try different kinds of beaches

There is, by the way, one detail that couldn’t be missed here: there are nudist beaches.

Whether you are a person that is used to going to the beach with no clothes and enjoys it, or if you have always wanted to try to go to the beach with no clothes on but have not been able because in your country this is forbidden, or perhaps because you want to have a new experience, or even just for fun – you definitely have to come to one of those beaches.

They are safe and there is nothing to be worried about, and what matters the most: you can feel at home and needn’t worry about unwanted attention or catcalling. They have been legal for so long in this country and Spanish people are usually very tolerant plus there are so many foreign tourists… a reason more for you to feel at home.

The region of Murcia has a lot to offer

This article is not going to be only about beaches, so it’s time to change. When we think of tourism we think of discovering new places, the culture present within them, how the locals live in those places, remarkable landmarks among others.

At this point, we can only say we hope you liked this introduction about the region of Murcia. More articles about this autonomous community will surely be posted so… see you soon!

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