La Mallorquina

Best Pastry Shops & Bakeries in Madrid

Do you love cakes, pastries and bread? Then Madrid is a wonderful city to visit, because it has a lot of amazing pastry shops and bakeries. Here are the best ones!

La Mallorquina

La Mallorquina

The most famous one – without a doubt!

La Mallorquina is located in Puerta del Sol and it is always crowded and full. It is an insanely popular pastry shop where you might even have to stand in line outside.

They make really beautiful cakes, and they have a bit of everything. The highlights are the truffles and their season-based pastries. But go in yourself and take a look around. Prices are bit high, but not unusual for Madrid, and it is a place you simply must visit.

Cántaro Blanco

This is a lechería, a milk shop. But they sell breakfasts too, and they make really good bread. And it is one of the few places in Madrid that has raw milk (coming in every Tuesday, sign up for it in advance because it gets sold out fast).

It is best to get here early in the day, but there should also be a bit of bread and bakeries left for later.

Cántaro Blanco is located in Malasaña, very close to San Bernardo.

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