Murcia city guide

Murcia City Guide

Murcia – that city situated in the southeastern part of the Iberian Península where the sun is out more than 300 days a year.

Due to its location and weather, it is a perfect summer tourist spot those who love beaches and hot temperatures. But that doesn’t match reality, at least in regards to the city. Murcia is also the name of the autonomous community where this city is located, the beaches in this area receives a lot of  national and international tourists every year, although not as many as it could of people from abroad – there is still plenty of potential to be fulfilled.

But here we are going to focus on the city of Murcia, a city that might not give a great impression at first, but those who spend a considerable amount of time in it end up loving it.

Despite that the architecture inMurcia is far from being among the nicest around the country, there are several reasons why people like it when they get to know it.

After having listened to all the things people like about this city there are some which everyone coincides:

The weather

As it was mentioned before, the weather is unsurpassable. Those who are in need of a vitamin D shot, they just have to come to Murcia and spend some days there (so no need to spend any money to make up for the shortage of vitamin D, you just can have a walk around the city to fix that lack!).

If you are not keen on high temperatures, that’s fine, because even in the winter sun will be at its fullest most of the time. Besides, the average temperature is around 12 and 17 degrees during the winter (but it is no surprise it gets higher some days).


Although it is not a big city in size, its greatness comes with all you can do when going out at night. From small bars to any kind of club you wanna go to.

People get fooled by the image they might have of this city or even by its size, so don’t be one of them! Don’t think that just because this is not a metrópolis as, say, Madrid or Barcelona, you can’t have a great night out.

In fact, many people from bigger cities say they prefer to go out in Murcia because the distance among pubs and clubs is not big. You just need a few minutes walk to get from one pub to another.

Culture, events and festivals

Murcia has a lot of history, but unfortunately it goes unnoticed by many people. Over the last years, several ruins and ancient cities have been discovered.

That’s not the only thing when it comes to culture: Here, culture and events go hand by hand.

Aside from all the bank holidays that can be enjoyed throughout the year, there are many events that locals celebrate with so much passion and music festivals. There are two big music festivals that take place every year in the city of Murcia, the first whose name is “SOS 4.8“ takes place the first weekend of May and lasts two full days and one month later comes the Animal Sound.

The later is usually attended by very young people, between 18 and 25 years old. As for the events, there are so many events celebrated in this city that are related to the culture of the área of the Iberian Península. Many of them are celebrated all around the province, so we will talk about them in the next article.

The people

The people. They say the weather influences people’s personality, and it seems it is no coincidence people from Murcia are known as one of the happiest and friendly in all of the country and the sun shines over 300 days every year!

The vast majority of the people say they are delighted with the attitude towards life in general of the people living there. There might be more reasons that explain why they tend to be so likeable and personable, in order to know them you will have to read other articles especially those which deal with cultural issues.

The beaches

They are much less known than beaches of other regions within the country but that doesn’t mean they are not that nice, they can even be better. Due to the climate and the specific área where they are located, plus all the cleaning that is carried out throughout the year the beaches in this province look amazing, so if you are staying a few days in the city and would like to do a quick day trip to the beach you just can be there in just 30 minutes.

Easy to get around

The easiness and the swiftness of getting to most places and spots. This is neither a big nor a small city, but sometimes not only the size of a place influences the easiness of walking or moving around it.

The structure and the distribution are key for this, and apparently it is a very compact city in this aspect, the majority of the important spots and places are not very far from each other.

Fair prices

Prices are okay in general. It’s not the cheapest city in Spain but it is still cheap when compared to other cities in Spain, especially when it comes to rent prices.

This is one of the reasons why some students choose Murcia as their Erasmus destination, besides there are not big class differences, the majority of people belong to the middle class.

Food and cuisine 

They say Nature is wise, and due to the conditions there are in this área of the world you can find almost any type of fruit and vegetables, legumes, fishes among others.

Although the food doesn’t come from the city of Murcia itself, this is used for the yummy and tasty cuisine you can enjoy in most bars and restaurants within the city.

Here we just wanted to heighlight one of those things most people like about this city, but in the next article food will be one of the topics that are going to be dealt with… What Mother Nature provides!

Conclusion on the Murcia city guide

These are the main reasons why people who has lived for some time or has spent a considerable amount of time, likes this city so much.

We could talk a lot more about Murcia city, but since there’s so much stuff about it we invite to keep reading the next articles about the province of Murcia and this area of Spain, many of the things that have been mentioned will be dealt with in depth.

See you there!

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