A Brief Guide to Malasaña


Malasaña is one of the coolest areas of Madrid. Another name of the area is “Barrio de las Maravillas” and that explains everything very well – the district of wonders.

Completely central in Madrid

Malasaña is completely central in Madrid. A bit north from Puerta del Sol, and with walking access to most of the other important areas of the city.

The history of the name comes from Manuela Malasaña – a young girl who were murdered by French soldiers in 1808.

In more recent times, Malasaña is often culturally related to neighboring Chueca, although with a few differences.

A hip reputation, with a bit of classicism

Malasaña has the reputation of being a “hip” area of the city. It’s full of tattoo places, coffeeshops, fancy restaurants and unique stores.

Everything is also very down to earth. Most of Malasaña, particularly the northern part, is not that crowded on the street: Save for special occasions.

In the past, Malasaña used to be a classic area, and it still has a decent percentage of older people living there. Overall, Malasaña is the perfect mix of new and old. Young and old people are both present, and both are influencing the area in very specific ways.

An expensive area

Malasaña remains one of the more exclusive and expensive areas of Madrid. Mostly due to its central location, but also because the culture naturally attracts people.

However, it is full of hotels and hostels, so there is not a lack of options, despite being in the more expensive end. You will also find several great Airbnb apartments in Malasaña. It is a much visited area, and therefore people often choose to stay there.

Malasaña does have an apparent lack of supermarkets. But with several smaller stores, it is always possible to find what you need – both in items, along with food and drinks.

All in all, a visit in Malasaña is highly recommended. It’s the perfect place for a walk, and because of how central it is, you probably won’t miss it during your Madrid trip, even if you try!

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