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From Madrid to Valencia – How to Get There

Planning a trip from Madrid to Valencia or vice versa? That way you can visit two of Spain’s best cities within a very short period of time. Here’s how to travel back and forward between the two cities.

Distance between Madrid and Valencia

The distance between Madrid and Valencia is around 350 kilometers.

Madrid is located right in the center of Spain. Valencia is located on the east coast, bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Valencia is closer to Madrid than Barcelona is. For that reason, train tickets are usually cheap between Madrid and Valencia.

From Madrid to Valencia with the AVE train

The absolute fastest way to travel between Madrid and Valencia is by taking the AVE high-speed train.

With this train, it can take as little as 1h20m to do the trip. However, on average, the trip takes 1h40m.

Prices start at 22 euros for a single ticket. So it’s possible to do the trip, back and forward, for just 44 euros. Quite a good price!

The AVE train runs between the Atocha station in Madrid and the Joaquin Sorolla station in Valencia. Both are very central in their respective cities.

Driving in car

You can also drive in your own car, or even rent a car if you want to cross the distance between the cities. It takes around three and a half hours to drive from Madrid to Valencia.

Of course, you have to pay for fuel. Some highways will require a small payment on the way. You might have to pay for parking upon arrival.

Overall, it’s easier, faster and less stressful to take the AVE train than it is to drive. But driving is still a decent option that deserves to be mentioned – and it’s a great option if you are bringing a lot of stuff with you. Or if you are several people traveling together. In that case, driving is recommended. For solo travelers or couples – take the train.

Buses and other trains

You can also take a bus to go from Madrid to Valencia or from Valencia to Madrid. Usually the prices are cheap, starting at just 15 euros each way. But it’s far slower, which is the main downside.

There are also other trains connecting the cities. The Intercity is the main one, but it takes around two hours more. With regional trains it takes as much as 7 hours, which is just way too much.

Once again, we recommend simply taking the AVE speed train. Might cost a little more, but saves you some valuable time. The AVE trains also have a better reputation when it comes to comfort.

Travel tips for Madrid and Valencia

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