Madrid nightlife guide

Madrid Nightlife: Best Clubs & Bars

Madrid has a very active bar scene, and the nightlife is known to be among the best in Europe. If you are coming to Madrid and plan to party for a night or two, we hope this guide will help: We are looking into the Madrid nightlife and giving some tips on what to do.

Facts about Madrid’s night scene

Madrid is home to an extremely high amount of bars. There are also plenty of clubs. Drinks are usually cheaper than in other large European cities, and typically cheaper than in Barcelona too. You have plenty of bars and nightclubs to choose between, and there are many different “scenes” in Madrid, depending on where you go.

Drinking in the streets is illegal after 22:00 (10 pm). Many people do it anyway, but the police will give you a fine if they catch you. You also can’t buy alcohol in supermarkets after 22:00. But of course, bars and nightclubs will still be open for drinks. In fact, the nightlife in Madrid often stays awake until the morning. It is not uncommon to party the whole night through and returning home at 7 o’clock Saturday or Sunday morning!

It is usually very safe to party in Madrid. Walking home in the middle of the night is completely fine in most areas, and the risks of robbery and crime are very low.

Popular bars in Madrid

Cervecería La Mayor is arguably the most famous one. It is the bar that is shown in the top picture of this article. It is extremely central – located on Calle Mayor – and has its super unique design.

In the area between Latina and Sol, you will find a lot of bars that are very stylish. They have the classical Spanish vibe.

However, many of the best modern bars are to be found in Malasaña. It is probably the district of Madrid where the bar quality is at its highest, and where you will find inspiring choices for budget prices.

El Palentino in Malasaña is another great choice. Has a lot of charm and cheap prices. It is one of the best places to go in central Madrid if you want good drinks while not paying a lot.

However, El Palentino is often very crowded. Especially on weekends, since tourists and travelers both like to go there.

A solid alternative in Malasaña is Casa Camacho. This bar is most famous for its vermouth, but it has a bit of everything, and is quite nice overall.

You will find bars all over Madrid, in all the neighborhoods. It’s one of the cities in the world with the highest amount of bars. A short walk from your hotel or apartment, and you’re sure to run into a nice bar. Besides, hostels in Madrid are usually equipped with bars. And restaurants usually have a great variety of drinks, often with their own cocktails.

Well known nightclubs in Madrid

While Madrid has many great bars, the nightclubs are more differing in quality. However, you will find a couple of great choices here if you stick to the right places.

Teatro Capital is one of the highlights. It has 7 floors and decent prices. You get in for 17 euros, and that is including two drinks. Teatro Capital is located in Atocha, so quite central. You will not go wrong here, as it is huge. It used to be a theatre but now it works as a club during weekends. Go there on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday! This club is appealing to everybody.

For students specifically, check out Gotham in Moncloa. In fact, there are several decent options in the Moncloa area, so it’s a good place to start. Girls get in for free while guys have to pay 10 euros. Almost has room for a thousand people, and it has a typical student, metropolitan atmosphere.

If you don’t mind going a bit outside the city, visit Fabrik. It’s a huge club famous for its techno music. Fabrik is in Fuenlabrada and has space for more than 7.000 party goes. The visitors are usually young people in their early twenties.

For a very iconic visit, go to Teatro Barceló. Perhaps the most famous club in Madrid, but with some strict rules. You must be over 23 and they have a very strict dress code. So dress your absolute best, and be sure to bring money. Famous musicians from all around the world have come here, and for years it has been a typical high-class nightclub in Madrid. Worth visiting, as long as you have a suit or a fancy dress ready.

Niche bars and clubs in Madrid

If you are looking for a certain environment while you party, here are some tips.

Chueca is known as the gay area, and it has a lot of gay nightclubs. However, it also has some of the best general nightclubs in Madrid, so there is something to do for everyone.

Malasaña is very hip and has several hipster bars and clubs. It also has classic bars and specialized theme bars. Around San Bernardo in Malasaña, there are many student parties.

La Latina is a common place to go out for Spaniards. A lot of classic bars are located here, and always worth a visit, although a bit expensive sometimes. However, they have an awesome environment.

The area around Sol (and in fact around Plaza Mayor too) is usually full of tourists who come to party.

As you go north in Madrid, you find many local Spanish clubs where the amount of foreigners is low.

For high end partying, visit Salamanca, although many parties here are private.

Going out in Madrid

Going out at night is always fun in Madrid. You can find something to do any day of the week, regardless of whether it’s Tuesday, Sunday, or whatever. The weekends will always be the highlight, but the main point is that you can find a place to party any day!

Let us know in the comments if you have any experiences with the Madrid nightlife.

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