How to meet people in Madrid

How to Meet People in Madrid

How to meet people in Madrid

Being social is something that most of us enjoy – and if you are going on a trip to Madrid, or perhaps even moving there, it is good to have some tips on how to meet new people. In this article, we are sharing are best suggestions, and feel free to add more tips in the comment section if you have any.

Since Madrid is a huge city with a population over 3 million people (and over 6 million people in the region), there are almost certainly people that share interests with you. And there are almost certainly people willing to meet up and socialize.

Here are the best methods to meet people in Madrid.

Do normal social activities

What are you usually interested in? Answer this question for yourself and find a place in Madrid to do it.

Interested in art? Go visit the Prado Museum or the Reina Sofía Museum and strike up some conversations. If you want to visit the Prado Museum for free, there is a waiting line in front where people are more than willing to talk.

Are you into sports? Then find whatever sport you like and see if you can join a session in Madrid. There are plenty of amateur football clubs. There are cycling entusiasts all over the region. You will also find clubs for boxing and martial arts. If you are just into general well-being, then get a membership for a gym for just a week or perhaps a month. Take up some of the classes you like, and talk to the people there.

Basically, do whatever you usually like to do. Look online for places to do your preferred activities in Madrid, and simply show up. You will naturally find people with similar interests as yourself!

Go to bars

A simple way to meet people in Madrid is to visit the bars. There are so many of them. During the weekends, they are usually quite full, at least the best of them. Chueca, Malasaña and La Latina generally have the best bars, so go check those areas out and find some random bars.

It is easy to talk to people here. First of all, the Spaniards love bars and spend a lot of time in them. Madrid’s bars also have their fair share of foreigners, so you don’t even need to speak Spanish to meet people in bars – a lot will speak English, too.

Use MeetUp

The website MeetUp is also great for meeting new people. You can join groups where people have a specific interest (can be anything from sports to web coding), or you can join language exchanges or normal meetups without any certain category.

If you make just one good friend on a MeetUp, you might get introduced to their friends, and the ball is already rolling. But MeetUp is very popular, so you will likely make several friends just from attending a few meetups. It’s a very effective method of meeting new people in and around Madrid.

Use other websites

Other websites also allow you to meet locals in Madrid. Use a Google search, and you will find a lot of websites dedicated to the purpose. Some of them are just like MeetUp, while others are different.

For example, you can check out Interpals where there are people from all over the world. Search for users in Madrid, talk to them, and see if they are interested in meeting up. You can even start doing this before arriving in the city.


It doesn’t have to be hard to meet people in Madrid, or generally in Spain for that matter. Just put in an effort and go out there. Most foreigners living in Madrid are very interested in meeting new friends, and so are many Spaniards. Take advantage of the situation and have a great time when you are in Madrid!

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