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Best Hotels in Valencia

Valencia is a popular travel destination, so naturally, there is a wide variety of hotels to choose between. Staying in Valencia is cheap compared to Madrid and Barcelona. Many hotels are quite affordable, which is good news for most travelers.

However, you’ll still have the option to go for a luxury hotel if that is your intention. There are certainly a few high-class expensive hotels in Valencia too.

Since we know that all travelers have different preferences, we have looked into three different hotels. Each of them offers something special: One is a central hotel at a mid-price range. Then we have a luxury option for those of you that want to stay at a particularly nice place. And in the end, you’ll get a recommendation for an affordable hotel in central Valencia that still offers quite a bit of comfort.

Let’s jump to it – read on below for more information on the Valencia hotels that we have reviewed!

Central hotel in Valencia

Melia Plaza Valencia – book here.

Ideally, you’ll want to stay somewhat central in Valencia. At least if the purpose of your trip is to discover the city, its sights and attractions, its restaurants and its nightlife. In that case, Melia Plaza Valencia is a perfect choice. This hotel is right in the city centre, located on the southern edge of Ciutat Vella with just a short walk to Calle de Colón and the L’Eixample neighborhood.

The location is the main reason for selecting this hotel. You can literally walk to any of the central attractions within minutes. If you want to go to the beach or to the City of Arts and Sciences, you’ll find metro stations and other transportation methods right outside the door. Previous guests rate the location of Melia Plaza Valencia to be 9,7 out of 10 – it’s really difficult to improve on that!

As for the rooms, they are large but with average facilities. Don’t expect luxury, but at the same time, don’t expect anything bad. Everything is in order, and you can expect a

The staff speaks Spanish, Valenciano, English and French. The hotel also has a restaurant and a summer terrace. The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean dishes and fine wines. You’ll find a small gym, a sauna and a spa in the hotel. All rooms have air-condition, tv, safe, minibar and other stuff. The hotel offers breakfast for a small extra charge.

Melia Plaza is one of the absolute best hotels in Valencia – especially if the location is your main priority. The average price for all bookings is 93 euros per night. If you book at the right time, it should be possible to cut the price by 10-20 euros. However, in the summer the prices can increase a bit because of higher demand. So be aware of that, and book it a few weeks before arriving, if you can.

Overall, we were very impressed and we highly recommend it!

Book your stay with Melia Plaza Valencia here!

Luxury hotel in Valencia

Las Arenas Balneario Resort – book here.

If you want to stay at a luxury hotel in Valencia, we assume that you’d like to be close to the beach. In that case, Las Arenas Balneario Resort is a really nice choice. It’s a 5-star hotel with direct access to Las Arenas beach. The sea is literally just a few steps away.

Aside from being close to the beach, this resort has two large pools. It has an amazing restaurant, and as a guest you can take advantage of their morning buffet.

The main highlight in this hotel – along with its marvelous beach location – is the service you get from the staff. While Spanish service can be questionable in general, this is hardly the case here. You get treated very well, and the staff is always ready to help you if you need anything.

If you wish to travel from this hotel to the historic centre of Valencia, you can book a taxi, or you can take the tram. There is a station very close by.

Las Arenas Balneario Resort is particularly popular among couples. They also have rooms that are family friendly. All the rooms are very clean, and you can expect the typical 5-star experience when you arrive here.

You can expect to pay around 200 euros per night here. So it’s a bit expensive compared to other hotels in the city, but you also get a better experience.

Book your stay with the Balneario Resort right here!

Affordable hotel in Valencia

Ad Hoc Carmen – book here.

Let’s head back to the centre of Valencia and look at a more affordable option. If you want to stay at a somewhat cheap hotel that still has very nice facilities and service, then look no further. Simply choose Ad Hoc Carmen, which is our favorite among the affordable options.

Note that if you want to stay in Valencia for a super cheap price, you need to find a hostel or an Airbnb room. The prices for hotels usually start around 50 euros per night. This particular one has an average price of 65 euros per night, but if you book in advance or see a special discount, it is possible to pay around 50 (or perhaps even less) per night.

So, for a hotel in the centre of Valencia, it doesn’t really get any cheaper than this one.

On top of that, this is actually a really nice hotel. It’s a hidden gem. It has all the stuff that most travelers are looking for:

  • Amazing location
  • Close to almost all the historic sights
  • Beautiful entrance
  • Nice and comfortable room
  • Everything is stylish and smart
  • Fast Wi-Fi
  • Reception open at all hours
  • Staff is very helpful

This hotel is also handicap-friendly, which is a huge plus and deserves to be mentioned.

Ad Hoc Carmen is in Valencia’s Ciutat Vella. It is a hotel that is central and affordable at the same time. One of the main attractions of the city, the Valencia Cathedral, is just 400 meters away. It is literally located in the historic centre, so you’ll have sights and attractions all around you.

Arguably, this is the hotel where you get the most for your money. That’s why we believe it is the absolute best option if you are looking for something affordable in the centre. The average rating of Ad Hoc Carmen is 8,9 out of 10. This is how previous guests rate it. We would probably rate it as 9 out of 10. It’s quite popular among couples that travel together. They rate it as 9,7 out of 10.

Check the availability and book your stay here!

How to find more hotel suggestions

We hope that you end up choosing one of the suggested hotels above. They are all very “safe” choices, in the sense that almost all guests loved them.

However, if you want more suggestions and would like something a bit different, you can also search for more options yourself.

The best place to search for hotels in Valencia is They have a huge selection and they describe each hotel very precisely. You can check the location on an interactive map, and you’ll see several pictures of each hotel. Reviews from previous guests are also available.

Here are some good things to look for when you search for hotels:

  • Location (arguably the most important)
  • Pictures (quality of the rooms)
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Facilities – WiFi, breakfast, pool, etc.
  • Price

If you see a hotel that matches your preferences, then we advise you to book it as soon as you can. The general rule is that the earlier you book, the cheaper it will be. However, you can be lucky and find good discounts 1-2 weeks before booking if there have been cancellations from other people.

General price range in Valencia

Valencia is a cheaper city to stay in than Madrid and Barcelona. It’s also cheaper than many other popular European cities. This is obviously a huge advantage, as it means you can spend a bit less on your vacation than you usually do. However, Valencia is still more expensive than several other cities in Spain, and the prices always depend on what you are looking for.

The average price of a 3-star hotel in Valencia is 69 euros. For the average 4-star hotel, it goes up to 90 euros, while the average price of a night in a 5-star hotel is 199 euros.

As for eating out, Valencia has pretty solid prices. If you want to shop for clothes or other items in the city, you can expect to pay around the same as anywhere else in Spain.

Best areas to stay in

Read about the best hotels in Valencia here

We have previously covered the best areas to stay in Valencia in another article.

But to sum up:

  • If you want to stay close to the main historical sights, find a place in Ciutat Vella.
  • The two best neighborhoods in Ciutat Vella is El Carmen and Barrio La Seu.
  • If you want to stay in a more modern part of the city, find a hotel in L’Eixample.
  • Ruzafa is directly south of L’Eixample and is the hippest area of the city.
  • Students might like Benimaclet.
  • If you primarily want to go to the beach, then find a hotel in Cabanyal.

Since Valencia is a relatively compact city, you should be able to get around quite easily, no matter what neighborhood you’re staying in. But keep these notes in mind when you’re looking for a hotel in Valencia. We recommend finding a hotel in the areas of Ciutat Vella and L’Eixample the most. Staying in either of these two areas is great.


Valencia is a wonderful city to visit. The best way to enjoy it properly is by staying at a nice hotel. In that way, you’ll be able to enjoy all the wonders of the city, while also having a comfortable room to stay in when you are back from all the exhaustive sightseeing or beach adventures.

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