Hotels in Toledo and where to stay in Toledo

Hotels in Toledo – Where to Stay in Toledo

Toledo is a very popular travel destination. Although some travelers choose to go there as a one day trip from Madrid, it’s also a possibility to find a nice hotel and stay there for a while. We are highly supportive of that, so we have looked into some of the best hotels in Toledo.

Below, you’ll find descriptions of our three favorite hotels in the city. You’ll find a very central hotel first, then a budget option, and then a really special one in the end. We’ll also look into the general prices of Toledo hotels, hostels and apartments.

Let’s get started!

Central hotel in Toledo

Hotel Sercotel Alfonso VI – book here.

Most travelers love this place. It’s a really nice hotel and we agree. The average rating is high, and couples that come to visit this hotel rate it 9,5 out of 10 on average!

The rooms are nice and spacious. It’s a very clean hotel with nice service. While many of the rooms have been modernized, it is still a classic hotel, which is one of the first impressions you get after stepping inside.

There are some nice facilities and you won’t need much here. There is air-condition (very useful during the summer), you can print out documents at the hotel, and you can also buy tickets to certain attractions in Toledo at the counter! Very practical, and saves some confusion later. There is Wi-Fi, and the hotel also has a place for storage, in case you don’t want to carry your back around on the day you’re leaving. Breakfast can be added to your booking if you think you want it.

Most rooms have a view out over the city. Some of them even have balconies!

Regarding the location, Hotel Sercotel Alfonso VI is one of the most central hotels in Toledo. It’s located in the old part of the city, extremely close to Alcázar de Toledo, one of the most important sights. It’s 300 meters away from the Cathedral, and you have several other attractions nearby. It’s a great location for exploring Toledo, as you can easily walk around the city if you’re staying this central.

Overall, it’s a highly recommended hotel. It’s our favorite hotel in Toledo, thanks to the many nice facilities and offers, and the perfect location. Average price is around 60 euros per night, but if you book at the right time, it’s possible to get a double room for as low as 50 euros.

Book your stay here!

Budget hotel in Toledo

Hotel Sol – book here.

Hotel Sol is located right by Toledo’s Puerta del Sol. In other words, it’s another very central hotel, which is a big advantage.

The main difference between Hotel Sol and Hotel Sercotel (the one we mentioned above) is the price. Hotel Sol is a lot cheaper. The average cost for the visitors is 40 euros per night. That’s a nice discount, and that makes it one of the best affordable hotels in Toledo – certainly the best of the ones we looked into.

Of course, it doesn’t have nearly as many extra facilities, and the rooms are not nearly as large. However, they are not small by any means, and the hotel is very cozy to stay in.

You should not expect absolute luxury when staying here, but if you need a hotel right in the heart of Toledo, you can’t go wrong. If you choose to stay here, you can cover most of the central attractions on foot. It has a great location if you like to take walks during the morning or the evening. Toledo is a beautiful city. With a central and affordable hotel like this, you will undoubtedly get some great memories.

Take a look at the hotel here!

A unique luxury hotel

Eurostars Palacio Buenavista – book here.

Saving the best for last – well, almost. The first hotel we mentioned is our favorite, but this ranks as number two. Eurostars Palacio Buenavista is pretty much a luxury hotel, but at a very affordable price. You can stay here for around 70 euros per night. A great price when we take the quality into account.

Because this is a super nice hotel. You will never be disappointed by staying here. A lot of travelers absolutely believe it’s worth the bit of extra money to choose this hotel over a typical hotel in Toledo.

It’s quite large, one of the largest in the city. There are over 100 rooms and a bunch of extra facilities. The comfort is on top, and you’ll have plenty of things to do while staying with Eurostars Palacio. For example, it has a pool, a spa, 3 restaurants, a nice bar, parking service, breakfast and free Wi-Fi.

The location is not the absolute best. Eurostars Palacio is not located in the old part of Toledo, but rather a bit northwest. However, the main attractions of the city are still close enough.

This hotel is for travelers who want to stay in a luxurious place, but not in the middle of it all. Because you do need a method of transportation to get around if you stay here. If you come to Toledo in your own car or a rental car, then it’s the perfect place to stay. If you’re on foot, it’s still a very nice place, but you’ll need to take taxis or buses to get around. If you want to stay in the deep center of the city, go for the first hotel we described instead. If luxury and comfort means the most, then pick this one.

Eurostars Palacio Buenavista is a 5-star hotel and rated 9,2 out of 10 by previous visitors.

View pictures & arrange your booking here!

General price range

It’s normal to pay around 60 euros per night for a nice hotel in Toledo. It’s roughly the average price, when we compare all the hotels in the city (standard rooms). This price range is a lot lower than hotels in other popular travel destinations. It probably wouldn’t be possible to find that low average prices and most other European countries. Even in Madrid, that will be very difficult to find.

So Toledo is a very affordable city to visit. Yet another reason to go, right?

The lowest price we have seen for a hotel in Toledo is 30 euros. So it is certainly possible to get good deals if you book at the right time, or if you simply get lucky. Obviously, the best hotels cost a lot more than the budget options, so there is also a difference in quality. There are a few luxury hotels where you have to pay +100 euros per night, but in those cases you can also expect a stay out of the ordinary.

Should hotels be too high for your budget altogether, you can always stay at a hostel or find a room in an Airbnb apartment. There are many options, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a hotel. The main thing is to enjoy the stay, see the city and have fun. If you can find a cheap place in a central area, that’s a good deal in our book.

Where to stay in Toledo (areas)

Rooms in Toledo

First of all, we recommend staying in the old part of Toledo. Any old part of the city will do, as this is a very beautiful area that is full of interesting sights and things to do.

If you’re arriving as a tourist and want to see everything, then you should stay in the central, old city. Try to get within 500 meters of the Cathedral, as this is considered the centre. If you’re staying close by the river on the southern side, that is completely fine too.

Staying in the old part of the city is best if you want to see the attraction and feel the classic culture of the city. However, if you want to stay in a less touristed area, you can go a bit north of the old city. This will be more modern, with parks and universities, and very nice too.

But really, no matter where you stay in Toledo, you will enjoy it. So just be sure to find an enjoyable hotel with reasonable prices – and that’s all.

Holiday apartment / Airbnb

There are plenty of holiday apartments in Toledo. Just check Airbnb.

The price range is similar to that of a hotel room. In other words, expect to pay the same. That also means you should choose accommodation based on what you personally prefer. Do you like service, security and simplicity? Stay at a hotel in Toledo. Do you want more freedom and less service? The ability to cook, and possibly have more space around? Then book an Airbnb.

Having not yet stayed in any Airbnb in Toledo, you won’t get any specific recommendations. But you can easily make a search, look at pictures and find a couple of nice options.

Hostels in Toledo

There are fewer hostels than there a hotel, but you will still be able to find a few hostels in Toledo.

The prices are low. Some go as low as 10-15 euros per night for a bed.

Obviously, you’ll have to share the room, but that’s also a good opportunity to be social.

For young people, it makes sense to find a hostel. But for most people, it is probably best to get a hotel room, even if it costs a bit more.

Some hostels in Toledo have a great location though. The centre of the city is a few good ones.

Search on to find the best hostels. The best ones have high ratings and nice pictures.

What to do in the city

Hotels in Toledo and where to stay in Toledo

The city of Toledo is a UNESCO World Heritage site. So naturally, it is full of nice sights and attractions.

Try to visit the Cathedral first. It was made in the 1200s and has a distinctly Gothic style. Most people consider it to be the main sight of the city.

Alcázar de Toledo should also be seen. It’s an old castle, but inside you will find a military museum. Speaking of that, Toledo is famous for building old weapons, and around the city, you will see several stores (and other museums) related to weaponry.

The San Juan de Los Reyes Monastery is huge and also a very interesting sight.

Combine all these attractions with the Santa María de Blanca synagogue, and then you have a nice to-do list for when you arrive in Toledo.

But generally speaking, we also recommend you to simply take a day and walk around the historic old part of the city. It’s a wonderful place to be. Toledo used to be the capital of Spain, and much of the city remains in a very classic style. Walking around in Toledo feels like being thrown back to the past. So try to walk around, see everything spontaneously. There shouldn’t be any rush in Toledo – take everything in slowly and enjoy the trip.

Final conclusion

Toledo is an awesome travel destination. Whether you do a one day trip or an extensive vacation to the city, it’s almost certain that you’re going to enjoy it.

If you are staying for several days and need a hotel in Toledo, we hope that this article was useful. Check our recommendations at the beginning of the article – we highly recommend booking one of them.

Let us know in the comments if you are any questions regarding Toledo or its hotels. Thanks!

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