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Hotels in Segovia – Where to Stay in Segovia

Segovia is a highly underrated travel destination. Located less than 100 kilometers away from Madrid, it is quite easy to get there if you are already visiting the capital. To make the most of your trip to Segovia, you’ll need a nice place to stay. In this article, we are sharing our favorite hotel in Segovia, along with an alternative budget-option if you want to save money.

Along with a few hotel recommendations, we will also talk about the best things to do in Segovia after you arrive. In other words, this should work as a full guide to the city, if you are visiting Segovia for the first time.

Let’s look into it – if you have any questions, just scroll down to the bottom and write a comment.

The best central hotel in Segovia

Hotel Real Segovia

When we say central hotel in Segovia, we mean central in the old part of the city, the UNESCO World Heritage listed part of Segovia.

In this specific area, Hotel Real Segovia is our absolute favorite. It’s a nice and comfortable hotel, it’s located on a beautiful street, and not far away from any of the central attractions.

You can book your stay with Hotel Real Segovia here. It’s a solid choice for all travelers. Below, we will describe the hotel in more detail, so you’ll know what to expect if you choose to stay here.

The location

The hotel is super central if you want to be in the old part of Segovia.

It’s right on the edge of the old Jewish quarter, but also close to the San Millan-area of the city. This area consists of old, beautiful streets. It feels a lot like a fairytale.

The main nearby attraction is the Aqueduct of the city, which you will be able to see after less than 5 minutes of walking. You’ll also have a lot of churches, cathedrals and museums close. Finally, there are beautiful plazas, and the location makes it possible to walk to many other parts of the city.

It doesn’t really get much better if you intend to stay in the central part of the old town!


About the hotel itself:

It has beautiful and modern rooms on the inside. From the outside, you get the impression that a typical hotel room in Segovia would be old, but you will really get surprised when you step into the Real Segovia Hotel. Everything is very modern on the inside.

Most rooms have a gorgeous view out over the city. The beds are usually huge, the rooms get very light during the daytime, and the air is wonderfully fresh.

As for other facilities, the hotel has a nice restaurant, a café and a bar. It also has a library. You can get breakfast included in your stay if you don’t mind paying a small bit extra. Also, there is free Wi-Fi and a parking service if you need to park your car.


Prices start at just 60 euros per night for two people in a standard room. You’ll be able to get that price if you book approximately 2-4 weeks before arrival.

Otherwise, the average price is around 80 euros per night. That is still very reasonable, considering the quality and location of this hotel. If you see this price, we recommend you to just book immediately, as it will be hard to find better deals in other Segovia hotels.

And by the way, Hotel Real Segovia is rated as 9,2 out of 10 (on average) by previous visitors. That is incredibly high, so it is obviously a place that almost all visitors love.

Book your stay at the hotel right here!

Budget hotel in Segovia

If you are on a budget and want to save money on your hotel in Segovia, you will also find some decent options. Our favorite affordable hotel is Hotel Condes de Castilla. It literally has everything you need, it is central, and it is very affordable.

The average booking price is 45 euros for a room here (for two people). This is a solid price – but it can be done even cheaper. While 45 euros is the average, it is possible to get even better prices if you book at the right time. If you do so a month before, it is not unrealistic to book a room for two people for just 35 euros or so.

Because of that, it is one of the absolute best budget hotels in Segovia. If the price matters to you, this is the best deal you will get.

Location-wise, the hotel is just 250 meters away from the Segovia Cathedral. It’s also very close to the Aqueduct. The Alcazar Castle is 750 meters away, so you have all of Segovia’s main attractions nearby.

On average, this hotel is rated 8,6 out of 10. However – couples rate it 9,4 out of 10, so it appears as if the hotel is particularly nice for couples that visit.

The entrance to the hotel looks very nice. The rooms are alright, but not amazing (just as you would expect for a hotel in this price range). The beds are a bit harder than they should be, but that is the only minus. Aside from that, everything about the hotel is very good. One of the highlights is the view – you will be able to look out over the city and see a lot of the old buildings. It’s really stunning. If you get a room without a view, it’s easy to upgrade when you get to the hotel. It doesn’t cost that much more.

Overall, it’s very recommended. The food at the hotel is quite good, especially the morning buffet. If you decide to try something else, there are a lot of great tapas bars within a short walking distance of the hotel.

Interested in Hotel Condes de Castilla?

View more pictures and book your room here!

Holiday apartments in Segovia

In Segovia, you will find some holiday apartments, although not in any large amounts. The prices are quite solid, though.

Where do you book a holiday apartment in Segovia?

Well, there are some portals that work specifically for that purpose, but we simply recommend Airbnb. If you intend to find a holiday apartment in Segovia, look here, and you should find something fast.

Prices for holiday apartments are usually similar to the prices of hotel rooms.

And if you just want one room (and not a full apartment), it will obviously get even cheaper. A private room in an Airbnb costs roughly the same as a bed in a hostel. Speaking about that…


Like any other city that receives a lot of travelers, Segovia has some hostels.

Not nearly as many as Madrid or Toledo (simply due to the size of the city), but you should still be able to find a hostel.

The main reason to stay at a hostel is that it’s cheap. You’ll save money. Hotels are already quite affordable in this city, but there is always a bit to be saved.

Another reason is that you’ll have more social opportunities in a hostel since they are usually full of other travelers. A great way to meet people.

Hostels are certainly not for everybody, but if you want to save money and be social, it’s a wonderful option to have.

Check the best hostels in Segovia on

About Segovia

Alcazar de Segovia

Segovia is located in the autonomous community of Castilla y Léon. It has a population of just 56.000 people, but it receives plenty of visitors all year around.

The city is primarily known for its stunning architecture and its three great landmarks:

  • The Roman Aqueduct
  • The Gothic Cathedral
  • The Castle (used as inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella Castle)

Because of the great history of Segovia, the city centre has been declared an official world heritage site by UNESCO.

Things to do in the city

You’ll have to see each of the three landmarks that we mentioned earlier. All of them are great and easy to find. They are Segovia’s top attractions.

The castle (Alcazar of Segovia) is most people’s favorite sight. However, the Roman Aqueduct is also tremendous, so we simply recommend seeing it all. Be sure to take some pictures while you’re there!

Another attraction is the wall of Segovia. Or rather, the walls. They were used to defend the city in the past, and now they are majestically surrounding the main areas of the city.

Segovia walls
Segovia is famous for its walls.

Segovia also has several monasteries and churches that are worth visiting.

Aside from all the typical attractions, we recommend you to slender around the streets for a few hours – perhaps even for a full day. Sit down at some of the cafés and restaurants as well. There is not an overwhelming amount, but there are a few nice ones.

How to get there

Usually, travelers get into Segovia through Madrid. Some tourists visit Segovia on a one day trip, while others choose to stay a bit longer.

If you want to get to Segovia from Madrid, you have 3 main options:

  • Take the train (leaves from Chamartín)
  • Take a bus (can be done affordably with AvanzaBus, or alternatively with a guided tour)
  • Rent a car and drive yourself

Taking the train is probably the easiest. A bus ride is a good option if you want to save money and if you want to have a tour guide with you (can be booked in the centre of Madrid). Car rental will be the most expensive option, but it makes sense if you want a lot of freedom to discover the area, and perhaps other cities in the region as well.

In any case, it’s not difficult to get to Segovia. It can be done in less than two hours from Madrid. Segovia is also close to Valladolid, and from here the distance is somewhat the same, although the train route between the cities will be a lot slower. So to go from Segovia to Valladolid, or the other way around, driving a car is recommended.


Segovia is a beautiful city. We hope you enjoyed this guide and that you have a nice overview of the best hotels in Segovia. If in doubt, you can always book the central hotel that we recommended in the beginning. Can be done very easily, and then everything will be ready when you arrive.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to write a comment below if you have any questions regarding Segovia and its hotels.

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