Hotels in Oviedo – Where to Stay in Oviedo

A visit to Oviedo is always a great idea. But at the same time, you need a great place to stay so you can make the most of your trip. We are recommending our favorite central hotels in Oviedo here, so feel free to read on below!

In order to provide suggestions for everybody, we have looked into three hotels in total. Firstly, we are recommending our absolute favorite hotel in Oviedo. After that, you get another nice and central option, and ultimately an affordable hotel for those on a budget.

Another thing: We also look into the best areas to stay in Oviedo. So if you want to search for more accommodation options by yourself, you get somewhat of an idea on where it’s best to look.

Here are the hotels we are recommending:

Best hotel in Oviedo

Hotel in Oviedo

Hotel de la Reconquista: Book here

One of the most beautiful hotels in Oviedo – both on the inside and the outside – is Hotel de la Reconquista. With a central location and great facilities, it is arguably the best hotel to choose if you want to stay comfortably in Oviedo.

Furthermore, the hotel isn’t even that expensive. The average price per night is 90 euros. You get terrific value for the money.

The hotel is easy to find due to its majestic exterior. If you choose to book it, you will stay in a building from the 18th century that has been declared a national monument. Great attractions such as the San Francisco Park, the Fontán Market and the Oviedo Cathedral are all less than 800 meters away. In other words, everything is within walking distance. Even a walk to the train station can be done in just 5 minutes.

Hotel de la Reconquista only offers rooms of the highest quality. All necessities are included, and each room is equipped with a TV, aircondition, heating, minibars, safes and a private bathroom with free toiletries. Among extra facilities, this Oviedo hotel has a fitness and wellness centre, a sauna, a lounge with daily newspapers, two different restaurants, a bar and free Wi-Fi everywhere.

The staff speaks four languages (Spanish, English, French, German) so communication should be easy for almost all travelers. Like we mentioned, the average price per night is 90 euros, but depending on the room and on the time of year, you might end up paying slightly less or slightly more. The average rating of the hotel is 8.9 out of 10, so previous visitors definitely vouch for the quality. We were also really impressed with the high standards of the hotel.

View more pictures and book your stay here!

Central hotel in Oviedo

Barceló Oviedo Cervantes: Book here

Here we have another really nice hotel in Oviedo located in a gorgeous, historic building.

Barceló Oviedo Cervantes is one of the most popular choices among tourists that want to stay central and cozy in Oviedo. This hotel also offers you a central location, in the same area as Hotel de la Reconquista, the one we described above. You can walk to Oviedo’s main attraction – the Cathedral – in less than 10 minutes, and several other sights are also really close by.

From the outside, Barceló Oviedo Cervantes has a very distinct look. You will find the hotel inside a red building that was built in the early 20th century – however, it was restored into perfect condition right before it became a hotel. This unique look gives a magical vibe to the hotel. When going inside, it only gets better, as the Barceló hotel is very spacious and has a beautiful interior.

All rooms are modern and equipped with incredibly comfortable furniture. You won’t lack any necessities, since the hotel has aircondition, heating, daily roomservice, elevator and all the usual practical stuff. It is also a handicap friendly hotel, which is a very good thing.

Barceló Oviedo Cervantes is not only famous as a hotel – they have a really good restaurant at the location (it’s called La Galatea) and eating there is highly recommended!

Average price per night is 86 euros. It might be slightly more expensive during the summer months and during Easter, but for the rest of the year, it might also be cheaper. Either way, you get a lot of value for your money, so we advice you to just pick this central five-star hotel, because there’s no way you will regret it.

Check the photos and make your reservation here!

Affordable hotel in Oviedo

Hotel Longoria Plaza: Book here

Hotels in Oviedo are generally very affordable. It’s a cheap city to visit compared to larger Spanish cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. Even compared to Gijón, another Asturian city just around 30 kilometers away, Oviedo is still cheap to visit.

So no matter what hotel you choose, you’re in for a bargain. But if you are looking for an option that costs less than the average price in the city, Hotel Longoria Plaza is the correct choice. According to the average prices, a night will set you back 48 euros. Certainly not much – yet it is still a really nice hotel with great service and facilities.

While nothing fancy, all rooms are very comfortable, and they are well designed too. When you step inside, you’d never know that this is a hotel in the lower end of the price range. The rooms are simple but nice, and they have everything you need. All rooms have private bathroom and a TV. Wi-Fi is free and available everywhere in the hotel, and you will neither freeze or sweat – all rooms have both aircondition and heating!

Something else that many travelers might find important: Hotel Longoria Plaza is one of the hotels in Oviedo with breakfast. So you can get a nice meal before going out each day – another great advantage.

Looking at the location, everything is also ideal. Hotel Longoria Plaza is located in the charming old town of Oviedo. You’ll have most of the main attractions very close by. The Cathedral is just 400 meters away, the university is just 300 meters away, and within the same range you will also notice the beautiful San Francisco Park. A great place to go for a picnic or if you need a break from the sightseeing.

Like we mentioned, average price is 48 euros per night. You can check Booking.com to see the specific prices on your travel dates, just click on the link below.

Go to Booking.com and check the price of your preferred room!

Holiday apartments

Not only can you find great hotels in Oviedo – there is also a decent selection of holiday apartments.

Holiday apartments make sense for anyone staying for more than just a few days and want more of a local, legitimate experience. It brings a bit more freedom and you have more space – both for storing your things, for cooking, and for other things as well.

Generally we recommend most visitors to book a hotel in Oviedo, since the prices are quite low, and since there are so many great hotels to choose between. But if you’re the type that prefers staying in a private apartment, you should also be able to find some nice options. Check Airbnb where there are many available apartments in Oviedo almost all year around.

Other accommodation options

Aside from the obvious options – hotels and holiday apartments – you might also be able to find other ways of accommodation in Oviedo.

The city has some hostels with very favorable prices. If you are on a budget, and if you don’t really care about sharing a room, staying in a hostel is a great idea. It might also be a way to meet people if you’re traveling alone. Check Booking.com for an overview of all the hostels in Oviedo and their ratings.

If you’re using a platform such as Couchsurfing, there might also be some options – we are not entirely sure. But since it is a somewhat large city, there should be a few alternative options, perhaps even free options. It’s worth looking into if you don’t want to pay the price of a hotel room.

Best areas to stay in Oviedo

It’s quite simple when you want to look for hotels in Oviedo or any other kind of accommodation: If you are a tourist, try to be as close to the historic centre as possible. This is where most of the attractions are to be found. And it is definitely the most “magical” part of Oviedo.

So try to find a hotel in the historic centre, or at least with just a short walking distance to it.

Alternatively, the more modern parts of Oviedo are also quite nice, especially northwest of the historic centre, now known as the modern centre. You’ll find a lot of nice and modern hotels as well, so staying here is always a good choice.

Staying just a bit south of the old centre can also be a good idea. This is a prominent student area, and it has several nice things to do as well, including a couple of parks. There is a smaller selection of hotels, but you still have some good options.

Generally speaking, there is a highway surrounding Oviedo, sort of like a circle. Almost any place inside of this is a good place to stay, location-wise. The city is very walkable which is a great thing. But first and foremost, we do advice you to get as close to the historic centre as possible!

Things to do

Oviedo is a historic city and contains a lot of nice attractions. We have another article about this – it covers the 15 best things to do in Oviedo, and if you read it, you will surely get some inspiration for what to do and see.

Also, we recommend you to walk around the city yourself and simply get some impressions. That way, you might stumble into some hidden gems in Oviedo – sights that most other tourists don’t always notice!

The nightlife is also quite nice in Oviedo. It’s a university city, so there are plenty of bars, and they are open most nights of the week. The best days to go out, however, are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, just like anywhere else.


Oviedo is a great city to visit and we highly recommend it. The trip gets so much better when you have an awesome place to stay. By choosing any of our three recommendations above, you’ll be in a good place, so hopefully this article has been helpful.

Do you have any questions regarding the hotels in Oviedo or anything else regarding the city? Write below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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