Hotels in Gijón - Where to Stay in Gijón

Hotels in Gijón – Where to Stay in Gijón

Going to Gijón? If so, you have made a great choice. This coastal city has a lot to offer and leaves almost all visitors with great impressions. However, to enjoy the city properly, you’ll need a nice place to stay. Here’s a guide to the best hotels in Gijón – you’ll find recommendations of all kinds.

Below, we will look into hotels in several different categories. First of all, we will share the hotel that we believe is the absolute best in the city. After that, you will find suggestions for the best central hotel in Gijón, along with the best affordable option. In other words, no matter what your budget is, we will guide you towards the ideal accommodation.

Best hotel in Gijón

El Môderne Hotel: Book here

In our opinion, this is the absolute best hotel in Gijón. It gives a great impression from the beginning, and everything is in order. When staying here, you can experience great service, large and clean rooms, nice surroundings, useful extra facilities and much more.

El Môderne Hotel is located very central in Gijón. The hotel is right by the port, close to the Poniente beach and just a few hundred meters south of Cimadevilla, the most interesting part of the city. In other words, the location doesn’t get much better, and that is a big argument for choosing this hotel.

However, the location is not the only positive thing. Because the staff is famous for providing great service. They speak Spanish and English, so most likely there will be no language issues. The reception is open at all times, so you can always get help if you need it. There’s a bar, and you can get some great coffee every morning. Wi-Fi works everywhere in the hotel and it is free of charge. You will find free newspapers and a free-to-use gym. For a small extra fee, 12.70 euros, you can get parking as well.

El Môderne Hotel is a four star hotel. Previous visitors rate it with an average rating of 9.5 out of 10. That makes it the highest rated hotel in Gijón, and we can easily see why. Get ready for a great experience if you choose to stay here. Expect to pay around 120 euros per night for a double room for two people. The price is in the high end compared to other Gijón hotels, but considering the quality, you get great value for your money.

See more pictures and arrange your booking here!

Central hotel in Gijón

Hotel Alcomar: Book here

Do you want to stay close to the San Lorenzo beach, and arguably have the best view in Gijón? Then book a room with Hotel Alcomar. It is an incredibly central hotel that is not only close to the beach, but also to a lot of Gijón’s best attractions.

It takes around two minutes to walk down to the beach, and less than five to walk to Plaza Mayor. Even the Roman baths are less than five minutes away, so this is a prime location for most travelers that want to get acquainted with Gijón.

From the outside, the hotel is beautiful. It has the classic Spanish look. On the inside, it also feels like a very traditional hotel with a unique atmosphere. Hotel Alcomar is still family-owned, and it is a very relaxing place to stay. Furthermore, this is a hotel in Gijón with breakfast – so you won’t have to go out hungry.

Rooms are average-sized, clean and with a classic look. There’s air condition and heating, so you will feel comfortable at any time of the year. The staff is open 24 hours if you need anything, and they speak three languages: Spanish, English and French. There’s a small lack of extra facilities, but you probably won’t even need that, since you are so close to the best activities in Gijón anyway!

The average price for a night in this hotel is 105 euros. In the summer, you might have to pay a bit more, but for the rest of the season, it gets cheaper. Great value for the money and one of the absolute best hotels in Gijón – especially if location is the most important factor for you. Previous guests rate the hotel with 8.5 out of 10 stars, but couples rate it 9.5 out of 10.

Go to and reserve your room with Hotel Alcomar!

Affordable hotel in Gijón

Hotel Costa Verde: Book here

If you’re looking for something cheaper than the two options above, but you still want a nice and central stay, then choose this affordable hotel in Gijón. Hotel Costa Verde has most of the things that the average traveler needs, yet it costs only a fraction of the price compared to other hotels.

An average night is priced at 45 euros. That’s insanely affordable – it might get even cheaper if you’re visiting outside of the travel season (June-August).

Hotel Costa Verde is also located in the centre of Gijón. You will find it right next to the Plaza Europa. A walk to the old town takes just five minutes, and a walk to the San Lorenzo beach can be done in less than ten minutes.

Each room is nice and cozy. Due to the low price, some visitors are afraid that they have to share a bathroom, but that is not the case: Each room has a private bathroom. Rooms are also equipped with televisions and Wi-Fi. There’s a café that is part of the hotel, and if you want breakfast, you can go there in the morning. Parking is also an option if you’re willing to pay a small extra fee.

Just as you would expect, the reception is open all 24 hours of the day. There’s daily housekeeping, so everything will always be clean and neat. Ultimately, it is simply a great place to stay, and we recommend it to all travelers that are looking for a nice but cheap hotel in Gijón.

Read more about the hotel and make your booking here!

Best areas to stay in Gijón

Playa de San Lorenzo, Gijón
Staying close to Playa de San Lorenzo is a great choice!

Virtually all of the central areas in Gijón are nice to stay in. It is the safest city in Spain, so you don’t have to worry much about crime. The main purpose is then to be close to the best attractions and to the beach of San Lorenzo.

The part of Gijón that we like the most is Cimadevilla. It’s the northern peak of the centre, immediately to the left of the port and to the right of the San Lorenzo beach. This is where many of the best niche bars can be found. Some great restaurants are also located here, for example El Planeta and Restaurante Auga. Cimadevilla also has the nice Cerro park where you can find Elogio del Horizonte, a large monument and the modern symbol of Gijón. Cimadevilla also has attractions such as the San Pedro church and the Roman baths.

However, in Cimadevilla, there are probably more holiday apartments than there are hotels.

A bit south of Cimadevilla, you will find the true centre of Gijón. Here, there’s plenty of hotels all over, and this area is also great. Be sure to look into the neighborhoods of La Arena, El Llano, El Coto and Pumarín. From any of these neighborhoods, you will have a walking distance to the beach and to the main central attractions. You will also have plenty of shopping options nearby.

Another solution is to stay somewhere in the east of Gijón. The benefits are that you will be closer to great attractions such as the Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura and the Atlantic Botanical Garden. On the other hand, you will be further away from the train station, which is the main way of getting to and from Gijón.

But overall, we recommend finding something close to the San Lorenzo beach. That could be in Cimadevilla, or simply in the “Centro” area. Most hotels are located here anyway!

Price level

Generally, you can take a fairly affordable trip to Gijón. The city is not expensive compared to typical European standards. It’s a coastal cities with nice beaches around, but the prices don’t really reflect that. For example, Gijón is more affordable to stay in than cities such as A Coruña, Santander, San Sebastián, Barcelona, Valencia and other Spanish coastal cities. It is certainly also cheaper than staying in similar-sized coastal cities in France and Italy.

So you get great value for your money. In fact, you can find hotels in Gijón all the way down to 35-40 euros per night. Most quality hotels will be priced somewhere around 100-150 euros per night, but that is still quite alright.

Aside from the hotels, it’s also cheap to eat out in Gijón. The seafood restaurants are much cheaper than similar restaurants in other cities, even though the quality is really high.

By the way: Public transport is also fairly cheap in Gijón and the rest of Asturias. Another big plus.

Holiday apartments in Gijón

Holiday apartments are usually in the same ranges as 4 star hotel rooms in Gijón. Therefore, some travelers prefer to book a holiday apartment instead of booking a hotel.

The main benefits are that you have more freedom, most likely more space, and you can enter and leave at any time you choose. Holiday apartments also give you the opportunity to cook for yourself, in case you don’t want to eat out every day.

What do we recommend? Probably a hotel room is best for first time travelers. But if you want to feel more like a local, and if you spot an apartment at a nice price, that is certainly a good option too. Check Airbnb for the best places to stay in Gijón when it comes to apartments.

Other accommodation options

Aside from hotels and holiday apartments, you can also choose to stay at a hostel. You can save a bit of money, and you might get to hang out with some other travelers while being there. Sometimes, hostels also provide great activities, such as pub crawls and guided tours for no extra charge. But of course, it all depends on each specific place.

Gijón does not have a huge selection of hostels – it’s a city focused mostly on hotels – but you will find some interesting options. is a nice place to look. Hostels are generally cheap in Gijón, and the quality is higher than in most Spanish cities.

What to see and do

After you’ve found a place to stay in Gijón, it’s good with some inspiration on what to do and see.

For that purpose, check out our guide to sights and attractions in Gijón. In that article, we mention our 10 favorite things to do, including the Roman baths, the aquarium, the oldest professional football stadium in Spain, the botanical garden, and much more!

How to get around in Gijón

Gijón is not such a big city. Within the centre, you can easily walk around to most interesting areas.

There’s no metro in Gijón, so if you do want to use public transport, you’ll need to take buses. It is very affordable to ride with a bus, usually costing 1-2 euros per ride, sometimes even less than 1 euro. But of course, it depends on where you’re going. You can also take taxis if you’re going somewhere specific and you can’t find a bus going there. Obviously it’s a more expensive option, but at the same time, it’s more comfortable. If you’re staying at a nice hotel in Gijón, the management can help you with directions, or they can even order the taxi for you.

Need to get a bit outside of the city? Take the Renfe Cercanías or the Feve trains. They cover the whole Asturian community, with plenty of stops all over. The main station of Gijón is fairly central, although a bit west. If you’re staying anywhere central, you can walk there.

Another option is to rent a car for the days that you are visiting the city. There are several car rentals around Gijón. The main one can also be found at the train station, where there are two car rental headquarters. One of them is Europcar, and they have somewhat good prices on most cars.


We hope that you enjoyed this guide to accommodation in Gijón. And hopefully, it has helped you find the right hotel in Gijón as well. If not, you can always return and check our recommendations again.

Also, if you have any questions about staying in Gijón, or simply Spain in general, feel free to write below. We are also happy to hear from you if have already been to the city and can recommend other hotels in Gijón – certainly other readers will find that helpful as well. Have a great trip!

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