Hotels in Barcelona

Hotels in Barcelona – Central & Comfortable

Barcelona is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Therefore, you will find a wide variety of nice hotels to choose from. Check out this guide if you are looking for hotels in Barcelona.

It’s highly important to find a nice and comfortable hotel in the city. Most travelers would also argue that the location means a lot – so we are focusing on central hotels in this guide. In that way, you can easily explore the city, regardless of whether you are into sightseeing, nightlife or going to the beach.

The following recommendations work for all types of travelers. Solo travelers, couples and groups can all find appropriate rooms.

Central hotel in Barcelona

Olivia Plaza Hotel – Book here

This is one of the absolute best hotels in Barcelona and it comes with great value when we look at the price. On average, you can expect to pay around 170 euros per night for a room for two people. However, they often have offers, so you might be able to stay there a lot cheaper at times.

Olivia Plaza Hotel is located very central in Barcelona. You will find it at Plaza Catalunya, close to the Santa Ana church. Las Ramblas is only 100 meters away, and if you need to go far, you have the metro stop Catalunya just within two minutes of walking distance. However, you can easily get to most of the main sights and attractions on foot. It is a very central hotel in Ciutat Vella so if you want to be close to everything, it is an obvious choice!

The rooms are generally spacious and are all very clean. Each room is equipped with aircondition and heating, so no matter what time of the year you come, it will be a comfortable stay. The rooms are also isolated for sounds, so in most cases you can get a very calm night of sleep, even though the location is so busy and central.

The hotel offers breakfast every day at a small extra price. You can also order breakfast directly to your room. Other facilities, such as the Wi-Fi connection and the gym, are free to use by all visitors. It is possible to park a car at the hotel, with a cost of 27,50 euros each 24 hours. You can also buy tickets for attractions in Barcelona directly at the hotel desk. They have a staff operating at all hours, so if you need help with anything, it is easy to ask. Many languages are spoken at Olivia Plaza Hotel – among them Spanish, Catalan, French and English.

On average, the hotel is rated 9,5 out of 10 by previous visitors. However, among couples the rating goes all the way up to 9,9 on average, so there is no doubt that this is one of Barcelona’s most popular hotels.

Book your stay with Olivia Plaza Hotel here!

Affordable hotel in Barcelona

Motel One Barcelona-Ciutadella – Book here

This hotel is slightly cheaper than most Barcelona hotels. The average price is 99 euros per night, but with occasional discounts it is also possible to stay cheaper than that – especially if it’s outside of the travel season. It’s a three-star hotel with a central location and decent facilities. Overall, it is our favorite affordable hotel in Barcelona!

Regarding the location, Motel One Ciutadella is close to Arc de Triomf, the Museum of Modern Art, and of course La Ciutadella. It is located in the neighborhood of Sant Martí, so you can easily walk to Plaza Catalunya, Las Ramblas and Sagrada Família – all in less than 30 minutes. With several close metro connections, you can basically get to any place in Barcelona rather fast.

When it comes to the value you get for your money, very few hotels do it better than this one. The rooms are very nice and spacious considering the price. They are decorated in a very modern, yet distinctly Catalan style. There is a lounge/bar open 24/7, and you also have a sun terrace which is incredibly nice during the warm days. The staff speak several languages, cleaning is done daily, and you can check in at any time. It is possible to store your baggage for a bit of extra time on the day you leave, in case you want to walk around the city before catching a flight home.

Motel One Ciutadella has an average rating of 9,2. The location, when rated aside from everything else, gets an average of 9,4 by previous visitors. This is a great sign and most likely, you will also enjoy your stay here.

View photos and book a room here!

Luxury hotel in Barcelona

El Palace Barcelona – Book here

If you want an experience out of the ordinary, it can be a great idea to book a luxury hotel in Barcelona. There are quite a few of them. The one we like the best is El Palace Barcelona. While it is a luxury hotel, it has a better price than most other 5-star hotels in Barcelona, and a great experience is almost guaranteed.

El Palace Barcelona is located in the large Eixample-district of Barcelona. A modern location that is still close to many of the classic sights in the city. Very suitable for anyone interested in architecture, gastronomy and culture. The building was made in 1919 and has that neo-classical style that Barcelona is famous for. All rooms are large and comfortable. They have aircondition, tv, bathroom accessories, daily cleaning and most of the other stuff you’ll need. The staff is always available if you have any questions about your room, the hotel or the city in general.

There are two different restaurants (both very good) and a cocktail bar in the hotel. They also provide a swimming pool, spa and wellness, airport transfer, gym, sauna and various other nice facilities.  The hotel is handicap accessible, and persons in wheelchair will have no issues staying here. 10 different languages are spoken by members of the staff, so it is very easy to communicate. The most common languages here are Spanish, Catalan and English.

The hotel is rated 9,5 on average by previous visitors. Average price is 326 euros per night, but it can vary depending on the month, availability and what room you select to book.

Go to Booking and find the best room here!

Other types of accommodation

Choosing a hotel is the most popular option in Barcelona. It’s the solution that most people go for. But it’s not the only one, and other types of accommodation might bring other advantages.


You also have the opportunity to find hostels in Barcelona. Usually they are a lot cheaper than the hotels, due to the fact that you just book a single bed in a room, instead of a full room.

For solo travelers that like to be social, this is probably the best option. If you travel as a couple or a group, it probably makes more sense (at least financially) to get a hotel room. But hostels are great for social life and for saving money if you’re traveling on a budget.

One of the best places to find hostels is They have hotels as well as hostels, so you can literally find and compare everything there.


Airbnb is the best site for holiday apartments. Most people on Airbnb are private locals, renting out a place. The prices are somewhat similar to normal hotel rooms, so it really depends on your mood and personality, if you feel that a holiday apartment is a better option than a hotel in Barcelona.

If you like to have a lot of freedom, the ability to cook, and a more authentic experience, then choose an Airbnb. If you like to have a lot of service, no worries  and a legitimate travel/tourist experience, then go for a hotel. Both options are really good.

Best areas to stay in Barcelona

Staying in the oldest part of Barcelona is arguably best if you are into sightseeing and historic attractions. The Gothic Quarter and El Born are both really good to stay in. So is El Raval – a neighborhood that a lot of people believe to be the coolest in Barcelona. Olivia Plaza Hotel, our favorite Barcelona hotel, is in this neighborhood.

L’Eixample is a larger district, since it was originally an expansion of Barcelona, but today it has a lot of nice modern attractions, and there are plenty of things to do. A hotel here is also highly recommended. El Palace Barcelona, the luxury hotel that we recommended, is located here.

Sants, Le Corts and Gràcia are also all very interesting and should be considered. Being close to La Barceloneta is great if you want to go to the beach a lot.

We have another article going more into depth with the areas in Barcelona and what makes each area special. Check it out here: Where to stay in Barcelona.

Price range of Barcelona hotels

According to, here are the average prices of different types of hotels in Barcelona:

3-star hotels: Average price of 144,51 euros per night
4-star hotels: Average price of 177,14 euros per night
5-star hotels: Average price of 341,82 euros per night

Overall, we would say that Barcelona hotels are more expensive than in most other Spanish cities (perhaps excluding Madrid and Marbella), but that the prices are quite fair compared to other international tourist cities. You would arguably pay more if you stay in London, Paris or Rome. So even though Barcelona is one of the more expensive cities in Spain, it is still quite alright in regards to the prices. And you definitely get a great experience out of your trip.

Is it worth it to choose a five star hotel over three and four star hotels? Well, it depends on your own preferences. We do believe that the best value can be found in 4-star hotels, as they have an average price of 177 euros per night. That way, you will get a somewhat decent price along with a great stay. Most of the hotels we are recommending in this article are also four star hotels – the most prominent example being our favorite central hotel in Barcelona, Olivia Plaza Hotel, which was the first hotel we recommended here.

Since flights to Barcelona are usually quite cheap from major European cities (and even from some North American cities, too), it might allow some travelers to spend extra on things such as accommodation, activities, food and shopping. When it comes to hotel, we advise you to choose a nice place and pay a bit extra, since the experience is everything. Going on vacation to Barcelona is not an ordinary thing, but rather something special that should be enjoyed – so don’t be too cheap when booking your trip. Usually it is worth it to pay for quality.

Hotels in Barcelona with breakfast

Aparthotel Silver (located in Gràcia) and Gallery Hotel (located in Eixample) are two nice Barcelona hotels with breakfast and they are also quite affordable. Both hotels have an average price between 110 and 150 euros per night, which is not bad for a city like Barcelona.

They have some of the best rated breakfasts in the city. Depending on which room you book, it may be included in the price you pay and is therefore free. However, if you book your room with a special discount, you can expect to pay a small extra amount for breakfast upon arrival (if you choose to).

Most four and five star hotels also have breakfast available, but it may be a bit more expensive to order. On average, you can expect anywhere between 7 and 10 euros extra for breakfast at a normal Barcelona hotel. Most hostels do have free breakfast already included in the price – another reasons why there can be great value by staying in a hostel, as long as you don’t mind sharing your room with other people.

Hotels close to the Barcelona beach

Beach hotels in Barcelona
Being close to the beach is always nice.

Any central hotel in Barcelona will be just fine if you’re going to the beach. It’s not that far away from the centre, and even so, you can always take public transportation to get to the beach.

However, if you want a specific recommendation for a hotel close to the beach, we recommend you Hotel The Serras, a hotel that is located right by the city’s coast. Very nice for most travelers – it’s a 5-star hotel that gets plenty of high-scoring reviews.

Activities in Barcelona

We recommend you to do some sightseeing when you get to Barcelona. The city has a lot to offer, and you will notice this immediately. There are new attractions as well as old attractions – there’s something for every taste.

Among the best sights in Barcelona, you’ll find the Sagrada Família, the old town, the Camp Nou stadium, along with several other sights. We have another article going into full depth with the best Barcelona sightseeing. Check that out if you’d like some suggestions on what to do in the city.

You can also go out at night and enjoy the bars and clubs. Barcelona is famous for its nightlife, as it is quite fun and with a lot of variety. Going to the beach in Barcelona (or in one of the surrounding towns) should also be considered. The weather is nice for most of the year, and we only have good things to say about the Mediterranean water! You should choose a hotel close to Barcelona’s beaches if you are traveling for this purpose. Although a central hotel will still be just fine, since you can easily reach one of the beaches with public transportation.

Social activities can also be found in Barcelona. If you have friends or family there, you can do almost any kind of social activity. Using the site Meetup can be a way to make friends – there are many activities every day where you can meet new friends.


Barcelona is an amazing city, and you will certainly not be bored when you go there. Maybe it’s your first time, or maybe you’re coming back because you loved the city the first time. In any case, be sure to book one of the best hotels in Barcelona, and follow our suggestions above if you want to stay somewhere really nice.

Have a great trip, and feel free to read some of our other Barcelona-related articles if you want to learn more about the city!

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