Best hostels in Madrid

Hostels in Madrid – Coolest & Most Social Hostels

It makes sense to stay in a hostel if you like to be social and meet new people – and also if you want to save a bit of money. Hostels are cheap, but fun. Madrid is no exceptions and you will find plenty of good options. We have looked into the best hostels in Madrid, so be sure to read this article!

Fun and social Madrid hostel

Sungate ONE – Book here

Ever since opening, Sungate ONE has been one of the best and most popular hostels in Madrid. In recent years they have only built even further on this reputation, so it remains among the best. It’s also a central hostel: Puerta del Sol is just around 200 meters away, so you will be close to almost everything!

The Sungate hostel is run by great people that know how to arrange nice events and make people feel welcome. Most travelers here are singles in their 20s and 30s, but anyone can book a stay and enjoy it. There are nice common area for socializing, and Sungate ONE has a reputation for being a social hostel in Madrid where people go to meet new people while also discovering and having fun in the city.

All rooms are equipped with air-condition and heating, so it is comfortable no matter what time of the year you visit. Bathrooms are shared. Bed sheets and towels are provided if you pay a small fee. There’s free Wi-Fi and electricity for everyone, and you can use the kitchen as much as you please. It’s also possible to store baggage and wash your clothes.

The average rating from previous visitors is 9,5 out of 10, which makes it one of the best-rated accommodation options in all of Madrid. We can attest to the high quality, and that’s why we recommend it as the prime option. It’s a central hostel in Madrid with great facilities and social life. Average price is 19 euros per night.

Book your stay here and enjoy your trip!

Cheap hostel in Madrid

Generator Madrid – Book here

Generator hostels are now all over Europe, and that includes Madrid. It is actually one of the best hostels in Madrid, so considering the low prices, you get pretty significant value!

This hostel is huge and the rooms are all very nice. It’s a modern and hip hostel where all kinds of visitors can stay. But it is particularly popular among younger people in their 20s. Aside from the rooms themselves, where each room has air-condition and a bathroom, you will find several common areas where it’s possible to socialize.

Generator Hostel is located incredibly central. It’s on Calle de San Bernardo, a street that is only two minutes walking away from Gran Vía, the best street in Madrid. You can also walk to other important places, such as Ópera and Puerta del Sol, in very few minutes. Need to get to another place? Take the metro at Santo Domingo or Callao, both very close and with great connections.

Expect to pay 15 euros per night on average. The price can depend on the season and availability, but the average price is 15 euros. At times you can therefore get it even cheaper, so book early if you can. But in any case, this is the best cheap hostel in Madrid, and we highly recommend it.

Book your stay with Generator Hostel here!

Best party hostel in Madrid

Cats Party Hostel Madrid – Book here

Going to Madrid specifically to party and have fun at night? Then you obviously need a hostel that accommodates those wishes! We recommend Cats Party Hostel for the purpose. It’s a very social hostel with many activities and great options. It’s one of the most popular party hostels in all of Europe.

Most people staying at Cats are there for a reason – to meet new people and to have fun. They have an insanely popular bar, known as the Cat’s Cave Bar, which is open way into the night and where you can easily get into talks with the other travelers. Drinks are quite cheap, especially during the happy hours.

Almost every night, you will find organized parties and pub crawls. The hostel also provides free dance classes which can be fun!

Location-wise, it is close to Sol, so you will be close to most of the great sights and attractions. You can also take the metro around quite easily.

Something underrated about Cats Party Hostel is the architecture and design of the hostel itself. It’s quite beautiful and charming – you will see that upon arrival. They do everything in style. Regarding rooms, they are nice and clean, and you can find dorms with 4 beds, 14 beds, and everything in between.

Choose Cats Party Hostel by booking right here!

LGBT friendly hostel

Hostal Pizarro – Book here

Among LGBT+ travelers, Madrid is one of the most popular destinations in the entire world. Mostly due to its openness, its great nightlife, its high degree of safety and the awesome culture that appeals to anybody, regardless of orientation.

Hostal Pizarro is a very popular choice among LGBT travelers. It’s not only for gay people – anybody can stay here. But if you want to go out, it’s the ideal place to be, as Hostal Pizarro is located in Chueca. This neighborhood is known to be one of the hippest in the city, and a high percentage of the people living and visiting here are gay.

Also, the hostel is close to great sights and activities such as Gran Vía, Retiro and Museo del Prado. The hostel itself is quite clean, calm and nice. It provides good opportunities to meet fellow travelers. It’s a very openminded place to stay, and it is open for singles as well as couples. Everybody is welcome at Pizarro, and it gets high ratings from previous visitors (on average 9,1 out of 10).

Book your stay at this gay friendly hostel!

Where to book your hostel

It’s probably fastest and easiest to book your hostel with This is what we recommend the most, as they have a nice platform and the best prices. They also have hotels as well as hostels, so if you want to, you can compare the prices and the facilities and see what suits you the most.

In most cases, you won’t have to pay for your stay before you arrive. might charge a small deposit after you book, and then you simply bring your credit card and pay when you arrive at your hostel. The details will be mentioned prior to booking, but usually the terms are like this.

If you’re also interested in hotels, we have a huge guide to the best hotels as well.

What to do when you arrive

How about visiting the main places in the city, such as Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Gran Vía, Retiro, one of the many museums, and some of the many bars and restaurants? We highly recommend it!

You can read our article about the best attractions in Madrid here, and you can also check out our general Madrid category where we have many articles going into depth about the city and what to do there.

Aside from that, we hope you enjoy your trip, and we hope you like the hostel in Madrid that you end up choosing. Feel free to pick one of the hostels we recommended earlier – they are all great, and you will find something regardless of whether you prefer a central hostel, a cheap hostel, a social hostel or something entirely else. Thanks for reading!

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