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From Gijón to Oviedo – And Vice Versa

If you’re in Asturias, you’d probably like to visit several different cities. In this article, you will learn more about the cheapest and most efficient ways to go from Gijón to Oviedo – and from Oviedo to Gijón.

Location of the cities

28 kilometers separate Gijón and Oviedo. Gijón is the largest city in Asturias, located by the northern coast. Oviedo is the capital of the region and is located slightly inland, close to the mountains. Both cities are definitely worth visiting if you happen to be in Asturias.

If you want to travel between Gijón and Oviedo, you have several options. The simple way is to travel by train, since it is both fast and cheap, while also giving you a chance to relax. However, it is fastest to go by car, and it is cheapest overall to take a bus.

The simple way: By train

Trains run every half hour between Gijón and Oviedo during the daytime, and they run between the main stations in each city. A return ticket is 6.80 euros and a single ticket is usually 3.75 euros between the two cities when you take the Renfe Cercanías. The Cercanías cover most of Asturias, at least the populated parts. There are a couple of stops in the route between Oviedo and Gijón, and overall the trip takes around 30 minutes. You can buy the ticket at the station – no need to book in advance. The price will be the same.

The first train is at 6 in the morning, and the last one is just around midnight.

Aside from the Renfe Cercanías, you can also take one of the Feve trains to Asturias. Once again, no need to book a ticket prematurely.

The longer distance Alvia trains also run between Gijón and Oviedo, usually with Madrid as the final destination. In this case you do need to book in advance, do it on the Renfe website. Just remember to get out at the right stop!

The fastest way: By car

If you have a car at your disposal, then use it – it is the fastest way to go from Gijón to Oviedo and vice versa. Usually the trip can be covered in just around 25 minutes, so that is fairly simple. But remember that you need to park the car upon arrival, which might cost extra.

Maybe you’re driving around in your own car, and if so, there are no limitations. Otherwise you can rent a car – that also gives you the chance to see a lot more of Asturias. Ultimately, you can even hire a taxi to drive you from Gijón to Oviedo or the other way around. An expensive solution, but some travelers may prefer it.

The cheapest way: By bus

ALSA buses regularly drive between the two Asturian cities. And it is the cheapest option for sure: Prices start at just 2.50 euros if you book online. You decide yourself whether you book online or at the ALSA station in either Gijón or Asturias, whatever your starting point is. The first buses start driving at 06.30 in the morning, while the last one leave at 22.30.

Other local buses also drive the route. If you see a line, you can always go ask for the price and try it out.

Alternatively, you can also rent a bike and ride between the two cities – a sure way of getting to see the beautiful nature of Asturias, while also getting some exercise!

Facts about Gijón

With around 270.000 inhabitants, Gijón is the largest city in Asturias. It is located right by the coast and has two central beaches – San Lorenzo and Poniente. There are plenty of things to do in Gijón, so if you’re visiting it, you should have a great time. Check our guides to the best hotels in Gijón as well.

Facts about Oviedo

Oviedo is the capital of Asturias. A beautiful city with plenty of nice attractions. The main one is the cathedral, but all of the old city is worth seeing. Oviedo is also a university city with a vibrant creative environment and many interesting restaurants and bars.

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