Cheap flights to Madrid

Flights to Madrid – How to Get Cheap Tickets

Madrid has one of the biggest airports in Europe. There are connections between Madrid and most major cities in Europe and the Americas. For that reason, you have a pretty good chance of landing some cheap plane tickets to the Spanish capital.

In this article we are sharing some tips on how to find cheap flights to Madrid – no matter where you are flying from. You also get an overview of the transportation cost to get to and from the airport here in Madrid.

Compare prices of flights

The best way to find cheap tickets to Madrid is to compare the prices of all available flights. Several services help you do this.

Our favorite method is to use Skyscanner.

Type in your destination (in this case Madrid), along with the airport that you will be departing from. You also need to fill in the number of passengers and the preferred days of travel (although you can keep the days open and simply search for the cheapest days to fly).

After all this, Skyscanner will browse the market for you. It takes less than one minute before you have a full overview of the best available prices. Choose a flight that suits you, book the ticket, and you’re ready to go.

Book a month in advance

The best time to book a flight is usually a month in advance. It’s the sweet spot because you will have lots of available flights and seats and the prices are not as high as they are if you book immediately before you intend to go.

However, with that logic, it also makes sense to book earlier than a month in advance, which you can also do. But the reason why a month is a sweet spot is that at that time, the airlines usually have discounts and offers. And that’s worth taking advantage of.

In any case, just try to search a bit in advance, and buy a ticket whenever you see a price that suits you.

Furthermore, tickets are usually a lot cheaper during winter, early spring and late autumn. In the summer, most of the locals leave Madrid, but the city does become full of travelers. For that reason, it becomes more expensive to fly during the summer. Be prepared to pay a bit more if you are coming to Madrid between June and August.

Airlines that fly to Madrid

Here is a list of the airlines that fly to and from Madrid Barajas Airport.

Madrid airport is the main hub for flights such as Iberia and Air Europa. And of course, several companies from other countries fly to Madrid daily.

You should be able to find a decent price with at least a few of them. If you are living in a major city in Europe, North America or South America, you will likely be able to find a direct flight.

Iberia and Air Europa handle most of the traffic to and from Madrid, while RyanAir is the most used low-cost airline. You should be able to find cheap flights to Madrid with RyanAir at any time. EasyJet, Norwegian and Vueling are other affordable airlines that have several routes to Madrid.

Cost of going to and from the airport

So far so good. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find plane tickets at an affordable price. But that’s not the only cost – you also have to get from the airport to the centre of Madrid.

If you take the metro directly from the airport, you can expect to pay around 7-8 euros. You need to buy a metro card, which doesn’t cost more than 3 euros, then you need to fill it with a ticket (usually 1,5-2 euros), and then there is an extra airport fee. It’s very easy to use the ticket machine upon arrival. Personnel is also ready to help you if you need it.

You can also take a taxi from the airport. There are always many taxis available right in front of all terminal exits. Most of them have a fixed fee of 30 euros, no matter where in Madrid you are going to, as long as it is somewhat central in the city.

Read more about the airport

If you need more information about Madrid airport, then check out this article.

It can be useful to read it if you need any specific service. For example, if you need to rent a car there, if you need to change flights, or if you have any other reason for learning more about Madrid airport.

You’re also very welcome to browse around this site if you need more information about Madrid or any other place in Spain. Getting the tickets for the flight is the first step – afterwards, you need a place to stay and some suggestions on what to do. You’ll find all that here on Spain Guide Now.

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