Cinemas in Madrid

Cinemas in Madrid – Full Guide

Madrid has a lot of cinemas. In fact, the center of the city is absolutely full of them. These cinemas are of high quality and have all the newest movies. Aside from that, there are plenty of art cinemas where they also show classic movies and independent movies.

However: Most of the cinemas translate their movies into Spanish. If you are fine with that, you have plenty of great options. But if you want to watch a movie with the original language, it gets a bit harder.

Therefore, we are looking into all the best cinemas in Madrid. That includes cinemas with the original language, but also cinemas that dub into Spanish.

Cinemas in Madrid with original language

It’s common for Spanish cinemas to only show movies with Spanish speech. That makes sense, but it takes something away from the movies, and if you’re coming in as a foreigner and want to see something, you probably prefer movies with the original language. For American films, that would be with English speech.

Yelmo Cine Ideal - Madrid cinema with original languageYelmo Cine Ideal is a great place to watch movies without any translations. They show popular movies with the language the movie was filmed in. Spanish subtitles are added, but that makes very little difference. Yelmo Cine Ideal is located close to Tirso de Molina. It’s a nice and modern cinema. Tickets for movies usually cost between 8 and 12 euros. Wednesday’s are half price.

Close to Plaza de España, be sure to look for Renoir and Golem. They are on the same street, basically next to each other. They are two cinemas with a special focus on art, indie movies, and classic films. They have the sort of movies that would be shown at the Cannes Film Festival, and not the huge commercial movies. These two cinemas almost always show movies with the original language. Renoir and Golem show Spanish movies, but also a wide variety of international movies – there are plenty of American, British, French and Italian movies there too.

In the area close to San Bernardo, there are similar cinemas, and some of them also have films that are not dubbed into Spanish.

Best cinemas in Madrid

If you don’t mind the fact that the movies are completely translated into Spanish, you will find some high-quality cinemas that will really blow your mind.  Huge screens, great sound, cheap tickets – all that great stuff.

Cines Callao might be the best example. Located on the square of Callao, bordering Gran Vía. It’s a very popular cinema with all the newest movies. Prices are alright, similar to the ones in Yelmo Cine Ideal.

There are a couple of other huge cinemas on Gran Vía. However, you will find even more theatres – central Madrid is full of them, and going to the theatre is also quite popular here.

Almost all shopping malls in Madrid also have cinemas. And they are of high quality as well, plenty of space, huge screens, great options when it comes to snacks. You can go to watch a movie in Príncipe Pío, the most central shopping mall. Or you can go a bit further out, to Centro Comercial Parquesur in Leganés, to La Gavia in Vallecas, or to Madrid Xanadú in the southwest. They all have great cinemas, particularly the latter.

Wednesday is the discount day

A lot of cinemas in Madrid have half price on tickets on all Wednesdays. That makes it a great day to go and watch a movie!

However, that also means cinemas are more crowded, as people take advantage of this great discount. So be prepared for that, but it is by far the cheapest day to go out to the movies.


Going to the movies is great! And you have several options when you want to do it in Madrid.

We hope that this article of cinemas in Madrid was helpful. If you have any additions or comments to the article, feel free to write below.

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