Chueca neighborhood in Madrid

Chueca: Guide to the Famous Neighborhood

Chueca is perhaps the most famous neighborhood in Madrid. It is known for its young vibe, its inclusivity, and of course for the fact that it is very openly a gay neighborhood.

But regardless of whether or not you are gay, Chueca is full of great activities, and it is by far one of the most entertaining neighborhoods in Madrid.

Here is a quick guide to Chueca.

History of Chueca

Chueca neighborhood in Madrid

Chueca is named after Plaza de Chueca, a central square in the neighborhood that is very famous. The name of the square comes from Federico Chueca, a Spanish composer and writer.

It is located in downtown Madrid, very central. Part of the larger neighborhood of Justicia. Chueca borders Malasaña to the west, another very hip and popular neighborhood.

Chueca has been inhabited ever since the city of Madrid was founded. Many of the buildings are old, although restructuring has been taking place within the last few years. Chueca has always been home to a lot of privately owned shops and stores.

For the last few decades, particularly since the 1990s, Chueca has been a gay neighborhood with a lot of LGBT-oriented people living there. In recent years, this has grown and grown, and now Chueca is known all over Europe for its very specific reputation. It might be the most open-minded and inclusive area that you will ever visit!

Chueca is also very artistic. Full of writers, painters, movie directors. It has this kind of artistic vibe, which is definitely great.

The gay capital of the world

It will be difficult to find another place in the world that is more openly gay than Chueca. A huge percentage of the population living in Chueca identify as homosexual and for gay tourists, it is a very popular place to visit.

The style of the neighborhood makes it clear immediately that this is an open-minded and inclusive area. You will see LGBT-flags at the metro stations and hanging outside apartment windows. You will see clubs, bars, and shops promoting this lifestyle and being very openly gay.

What to do in Chueca

First of all, you can have a great time in Chueca whether you are gay or not. It has a lot for everybody. Plenty of straight couples and straight singles go to Chueca as well, particularly when they want to party or go shopping. For these two purposes, Chueca is world-class. In general, Chueca is very romantic, which many couples enjoy, regardless of sexuality. The San Antón church has some of the remains of St. Valentine.

It is home to the huge shopping street, Calle de Fuencarral. A great place to go shopping. It also has various bars, clubs, and restaurants – most are of very good quality. Chueca is one of the party centrals in Madrid.

In some ways, Chueca can be reminiscent of neighboring Malasaña. While Malasaña has a stronger mix of traditionalism and modernity, Chueca is more willing to let go of the traditionalism. However, most people do consider Malasaña’s bars and restaurants to be a level above Chueca’s. Particularly the bars. You will also find more unique stores in Malasaña, but it’s not a competition, and Chueca is still great. You can spend a day exploring both of these neighborhoods, as they are right next to each other.

There are events in Chueca all year around. Gay events, sports events, charity events, political events, you name it. Always something to do.

Among classic attractions, be sure to visit these:

  • Mercado de San Antón
  • San Antón Church
  • Museo del Romanticismo

How to get to Chueca

Chueca is located very central in Madrid, so you will probably be able to walk there, depending on where you are staying.

If not, take the line 5 metro. It’s the only line that passes to the metro station Chueca. However, get off at Gran Vía (line 1), head just a tiny bit north, and then you’re right there.

You can also just book a hotel, a hostel, or a holiday apartment directly in Chueca. It’s a very touristic area as well, so there are plenty of options when it comes to accommodation.

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