Castellon de la Plana

Castellón de la Plana

Valencia and Castellón de la Plana are both located in the east of Spain. Both cities are very, very close to the beach and offer great facilities for bathing, relaxing and having fun by the coast.

Despite the fact that Castellón de la Plana is situated above Valencia, a bit more to the north and sometimes overlooked by tourists, we will start talking about it here. It is perfect for a one-day trip if you are into special artistic monuments or less crowded beaches!

The weather in Castellón

The temperature and the weather are great in this city. The best part is that the climate is nice throughout the year, and even the winters are mild. You can go to the beach almost whenever you want – yet Castellón de la Plana is not a common tourist destination among foreigners.

Well, among locals it is a bit different: Its beaches are quite popular – not as popular as beaches in Valencia and Alicante though. So while Castellón is not the absolute best beach spot, it still has a lot to offer, and it’s a great alternative to the typical Spanish beach destinations by the Mediterranean coast.

The city of Castellón de la Plana is not right next to the sea, but it is 3 or 4 kilometers away, so it is certainly close enough. Still, the beaches in this general region are not visited much by foreigners and that’s mostly because the capital city of the province of Castellón is not very touristic.

Extravagance and art

The reason why this city does not receive a lot of tourists is that it is not promoted as well as the other cities in Spain. But some of the architecture in Castellón de la Plana is very… well, let’s call it extravagant and/or unique.

Some of the main monuments were done by Juan Ripolles, a Spanish painter and sculptor. Some visitors to Castellón don’t find these art pieces nice: In fact, many say that they give an overly extravagant air to the city. But, meanwhile, others find this eccentricity quite unique and modern. So to sum up: The art pieces turn some people away, while simultaneously attracting others.

Some of the monuments you can find around the city are:

Castellon de la Plana

As for the sightseeing here, we recommend you to dedicate one full day. Perhaps two, because the province of Castellón has so many things to offer. You can do a short trip from Valencia if you are arriving there – always a good opportunity.

Besides, it is not too touristic, so you can enjoy the beauty of its landscapes and its surroundings.

If you are interested in discovering this province don’t forget to read the article about the autonomous community that the province is a part of, it will not let you down! In this community, you will also find interesting cities such as Valencia and Alicante.

[1] Photo by Joanbanjo (Creative Commons 3.0)

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