The best travel destinations in Spain

The Best Travel Destinations in Spain

The best travel destinations in Spain

Spain is full of great travel destinations. For that reason, it can be very hard to choose just one. In this article we are sharing our best recommendations. And we will try to keep it varied, meaning each place in this top 10 will have something unique to offer.

Let’s start from 10 and zoom into the best as we go along!

10. Córdoba

Primarily known for its historic city quarter which is full of medieval streets, plazas and cathedrals. The highlight is La Mesquita – a cathedral that was initially built as a mosque. It is a historic building and by far the main attraction in Córdoba.

Córdoba used to be one of the biggest cities in all of the world, and it enjoyed a lot of ancient glory.

People mostly travel here for the culture and history, but it’s also a great place if you like the sun. Córdoba is very hot, and for most of the year you will certainly not freeze. However, it is not located right be the ocean, but a quick ride south and you can enjoy some great Andalucian beaches.

Córdoba also has a lot of charming small shops. It is a must to bring some kind of souvenir back from there!

9. Alicante

That beautiful city on the southeast coast with great architecture and even better beaches.

Alicante is a popular place to go for all kinds of travelers. It’s a historic city with plenty of nice attractions. That makes it a great cultural destination.

But at the same time, it is also great for a relaxing holiday where you have the opportunity to spend time at the beach. Some of Spain’s best beaches are in the proximity of Alicante, which is a huge plus. It’s absolutely in the top 10 of best destinations in Spain.

Be sure to check out the neighbouring province Murcia. Very underrated and with plenty of nice beaches and cultural experiences! Read more about Murcia here.

8. Ibiza

The island that is legendary for its nightlife.

Ibiza is full of wild clubs where people come to party. It is appealing to both Spaniards and foreigners alike, and it remains one of the most popular destinations of the country.

But Ibiza is in fact much more than partying. It has beautiful nature, great beaches and there is something nice to find for everybody. Highly recommended, and so are the other Spanish islands. You may want to visit Mallorca too!

7. Bilbao

The biggest city in the Basque Country is very interesting. In fact, it can be a bit weird, but that is part of the appeal.

Bilbao is a very artful and creative city. There are nice museums and statues placed all over. It’s also one of the wealthiest cities in Spain which clearly shows. You will find nice shopping options here, and if you are staying in the centre, you should get a very memorable vacation.

Bilbao will give you a much different impression than the rest of Spain. It’s a perfect destination if you have already visited the main tourist areas of the country and get in the mood for something different. They have their own language here, and a lot of cultural oddities that are interesting to experience.

A good opportunity is to rent a car and go for a roadtrip in the Basque Country, and perhaps some neighboring provinces too. San Sebastian should be the first stop in the Basque Country once you have already visited Bilbao. It’s another city rich in art, beautiful nature and food.

6. Granada

Granada has been a famous travel destination for years. It is home to Alhambra, a world-known Moorish stronghold, still standing to this day. Surrounding Alhambra, you will also find other interesting architecturial sites. And don’t forget to enjoy the view of beautiful Andalucian white houses!

Many of the customs that are popular all over Spain have originated in Granada. It’s a great city for a traditional vacation, and for a pure Spanish experience. But it’s not only history: The city of Granada also offers plenty of modern entertainment, and it is populous enough to always be home to new ideas.

5. Valencia

The third largest city in Spain is uniquely its own. The culture is Valencia is significantly different than the other main Spanish city. The reason? In recent years, Valencia has tried to develop an image of its own. This mission has succeeded, and Valencia is a fun and interesting city at the same time.

Regardless of whether you are into history, architecture, modern art, beach life or something entirely different, you will find it in Valencia.

And it will also be a breath of fresh air if you have already visited the typical Spanish travel destinations such as Barcelona and Madrid!

4. Sevilla

One of the most historic cities in the country and therefore also one of the best overall destinations in Spain.

Sevilla has hot weather for most of the year, which itself is nice. It’s located inland in Andalucia and is the financial and cultural capital of the largest Spanish region.

There are countless amazing attractions in Sevilla. The city has a lot of old buildings and most of them are very majestic. The cathedral is important, since it is rumoured that Columbus is buried here. But Sevilla has so much interesting architecture that you can walk around there forever and yet remain fascinated.

Aside from the cultural attractions, Sevilla has a lot of festivals and a nice, open social scene. It’s a beautiful city with hundreds of things to do! The historic centre is great for photographers.

3. Galicia Roundtrip

(Vigo, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña)

Not one exact city – but rather a compilation of different cities that are within a nice distance to each other.

Galicia is a wonderful region, and somewhat different than the rest of Spain. They have their own language and some very distinct cultural habits. Galicia is also very green. With a Celtic history, it can in some ways be reminiscent of Ireland.

Vigo is an amazing city, and so is Santiago de Compostela. Both are must-visits during a trip to Galicia, and A Coruña is a solid addition. Highly recommended!

2. Madrid

The capital of the country ranks as one of the absolute best travel destinations in Spain. It basically has everything, aside from a beach.

Madrid is large in size and crowded with people. That means you will always have something to do. It’s a city with a love for fashion, so shopping in Madrid is great. If you are into art, go to the Atocha neighborhood and see some world class museums. Aside from that – how about a visit to the world’s oldest restaurant still in existence, or perhaps a quiet day in Europe’s best public park?

We have a lot of in-depth information about Madrid here on this site. Co-founder Jacob is currently living here. Check out the Madrid category for all our articles about the capital!

1. Barcelona

What is there to say about Barcelona? It is already one of the most popular destinations in all of Europe, so it is no surprise that it is ranked as number one here. Barcelona is great in every way, and if you decide on a vacation to Barcelona, it will certainly be a trip to remember.

The architecture in Barcelona might be the highlight. The city is well designed with all kinds of different styles flowing together. It has some remarkable places, such as La Sagrada Família.

A beach trip is always an option when you’re staying in Barcelona. It has a lot of sunshine hours and is located right by the coast. The nightlife is legendary, and the shopping opportunities are endless.

Overall, Barcelona is one of the most interesting cities in the world. No matter how long you’re going to stay there, you will never run out of things to do!

Other great cities

Spain has a lot of great cities. Here are some other amazing places to visit:

  • Murcia
  • Málaga
  • Oviedo
  • Gijón
  • Badajoz
  • Toledo
  • Segovia
  • Salamanca
  • Zaragoza

You will find several articles about these cities if you look around here on our site.

Questions and comments

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