Alicante travel guide

Alicante Travel Guide

We are going to talk about Alicante city, the southernmost city within the autonomous community of Valencia – la Comunidad Valenciana.

The city of Alicante is situated in the east of Spain, almost in the southeast. Alicante is a beach city, so those who live there can go to the beach at any time throughout the year, how awesome is that?

Due to this, it receives tons and tons of tourists every year – especially in the summer.

But some people like the temperature and the way of living of Alicante, and they decide to stay some time there or even move there (the latter is so common among retirees and people who work online).

It has beaches, optimal weather all year round, among other things. What else could you ask for?

Well, let me tell you there’s much more. Experts say weather and personality are totally linked so… yep, people from this city are usually very friendly, plus they are used to foreigners, so they wouldn’t have any problem if they had to help you find an address, an exact spot or even just to make suggestions about must-do things and must-see places.

Also, cohabitation with them is great. Besides that, the food in this area is great. It is not pretentious, meaning the food doesn’t need to be covered with lots of sauces or have weird combinations to either make it tasty or look like it is (deceivingly). The cuisine there looks more traditional and natural, mostly because the products are tasty by themselves and produced locally… thanks to, again, the great weather!

As for prices, it is not a very expensive city but because of the tourism, some try to take advantage of that so don’t be fooled!

Oh, and another reason to visit Alicante is that its airport is very well connected, from there you can travel to many places and vice versa.

Here are some pictures of Alicante city:

Travel tips for Alicante Sights and attractions in Alicante Alicante twilight Alicante streets Alicante at night

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