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Behind the website, we have two content creators. Javi, who is Spanish, and lives in Murcia. Javi has traveled all over Spain and is very enthusiastic about his country. Javi used to study abroad and has spent a year traveling different parts of Europe. So he is well informed when it comes to Spain, as well as traveling in general.

And then we have Jacob, who is Danish but moved to Madrid in summer 2018. Jacob will focus on guides to Madrid, while also handling the technical part of the website. Aside from Madrid, Jacob is also passionate about Galicia, the first part of Spain he ever visited, and he is always looking to experience new parts of the country.

Our different backgrounds provide knowledge from different angles. As a visitor here, you get to read articles from a true Spaniard, but also from a foreigner who is living in the capital of the country. A great combination for sharing all things related to Spain!

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