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Granada attractions

Granada – Sights & Attractions

The city of Granada, situated in the south of Spain, is a very well known among travelers. It is one of the most popular destinations in Spain, for foreigners as well as for domestic tourists...

Where to eat out in Malaga

Best Places to Eat Out in Málaga

Málaga is a perfect destination if you’re looking for great cuisine while you are on holidays. There are many cafés, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy and taste delicious typical cuisine from...

Feria de Malaga

Málaga Travel Guide

Málaga is just situated on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia. It is a very touristic city, as it receives almost 1.5 million tourists every year. The number of visitors has increased over the last few...

Solo traveler Spain

Spain for Solo Travelers: Best Destinations

Spain is a country like no other and it is the perfect destination for anyone planning a solo adventure. Traveling solo offers a whole host of benefits and is a great way to increase your self...

Mallorca travel guide

Mallorca: Facts, tips, tickets

Mallorca is one of the most visited areas of Spain. The Mediterranean island is particularly popular among Northern European tourists, and due to great weather and affordable prices, it’s...

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